SolidWorks Tutorial: Import Diagnostics (4) – Sheet Metal Conversion [VIDEO]


This is the fourth in a series of articles focused on troubleshooting and healing topological errors from geometry imported in SolidWorks. After we demonstrated the power of the Import Diagnostics tool for healing topological errors in imported geometry, today we will consider a ... Read More

Imported Bodies Video Series – 3. Repairing an Imported Model (Automatic Selection of Open Edges Using a Macro) [VIDEO]

In the first episode of this series I deleted a faulty face from an imported model, only to re-create it using the planar surface feature in the second episode. I hope you remember how cumbersome it was to select all those unconnected open loops in order to define the boundary of ... Read More

Imported Bodies Video Series – 2. Repairing an Imported Model (Manual Selection of Open Edges) [VIDEO]

In the first article of this series, I used different troubleshooting tools for finding the culprit that generated the imported body error, i.e. a planar face that was self-intersecting. Deleting the "bad" face created 99 gaps between 101 surface bodies which replaced the ... Read More

Marble Roller Coaster – Designing Connectors (Part 2 of many) [VIDEO]


To read the first part of this series of articles, please CLICK HERE. The next step is to design the connectors. The marble is represented by a circle, a typical marble is 5/8” diameter so that is what I am designing for. There is a limitation to my design that reducing the ... Read More

Alin’s SW 2013 Pick of the Day – Fill External Cavities with Discrete Bodies Using the Intersect Tool

Last week I showed you how to use the new Intersect tool for simplifying your model by filling its internal cavities. Today let's consider the situation where you need to fill the external cavities from the Mr. Smiley model with discrete solid bodies in order to 3D print the ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

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Alin’s SW2013 Pick of the Day – Conjuring a Solid Out of Thin Air with the Intersect Tool

People who have seen it in action say that the Intersect Tool is a Game Changer. Imagine you take existing surface bodies, solid bodies and even planes and throw them in a boiling pot. Let them intersect themselves for a while (about half a second), then pick and choose ... Read More

How to Reduce the Number of Edges for an Imported Surface?

Fig. 1 - How many edges can you count?

How many times have you imported a neutral format file (STEP, Parasolid, IGES) in SolidWorks and encountered challenges when working on it? Let me give you an example regarding edges: "How many open edges does the surface from fig. 1 have?" ... Read More

Introducing Andrew Lowe – Winner of the 2011 Rocket Design Competition

Andrew in action

Today I got the chance to chat with Andrew Lowe, the 2011  Winner of the Rocket Award for Best in Show at the 2011 Rocket Design Competition. Beside being an young but accomplished industrial designer, Andrew is also the author of a very interesting and useful article posted ... Read More