SolidWorks Tutorial: Import Diagnostics (4) – Sheet Metal Conversion [VIDEO]

This is the fourth in a series of articles focused on troubleshooting and healing topological errors from geometry imported in SolidWorks. After we demonstrated the power of the Import Diagnostics tool for healing topological errors in imported geometry, today we will consider a ... Read More

Alin’s SW 2013 Pick of the Day – Fill External Cavities with Discrete Bodies Using the Intersect Tool

Last week I showed you how to use the new Intersect tool for simplifying your model by filling its internal cavities. Today let's consider the situation where you need to fill the external cavities from the Mr. Smiley model with discrete solid bodies in order to 3D print the ... Read More

Save Time Creating a Complex Mold Split – The Fan Example [VIDEO]

TIME! Saving TIME! This article is all about saving TIME! People ask me all the time what areas of SolidWorks to study in order to do their job effectively. Part modeling? Mold Design? Surfacing? Assemblies? The short answer is ALL of THEM! The main difference between an u ... Read More

HELP!!! Extend Surface command does not work for my model…


You are a tool and die designer and your customer has just sent you an IGES file containing a solid with a complex face which has to be used as reference for your embossing die. In order to create your punch and die inserts, you need to isolate that surface and extend it. If you ... Read More

Who needs surfaces anyway?

Surfacing for the Mold, Tool and Die Industry

Alin Vargatu, a distinguished AE for Javelin, asked me to write a guest blogger article for Javelin’s blog. I’ve seen some of Alin’s very helpful comments to complex users questions in the SolidWorks Forum, and I’ve come to know him as one of the good guys when it comes to reselle ... Read More