Resolving the “File is open in another program” Windows Issue

Can't delete

Why can’t I delete or move a file or folder? What program is stopping me from deleting or moving a file or folder? Solve the issue with the Microsoft Process Explorer To help you resolve the 'File is open in another program' you can use The Process Explorer from Microsoft, a ... Read More

Improving Large Assembly Design Step-by-Step Guide – “Best” SolidWorks reference book I’ve read to date!

Improving Large Assembly Design Step-by-Step Guide

I finished reading over the Labour Day weekend the latest edition to the Step-by-Step Guide series that SolidWorks has been publishing over the last couple of years. Their newest book is titled "Improving Large Assembly Design using SolidWorks" and was released just a couple of ... Read More

Is your Anti-Virus application affecting your ability to make changes to your SolidWorks installation?

This post is regarding one of those topics that I repeat daily when speaking with our customers -> temporarily disabling any Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware applications that may be protecting your system. Before any corporate IT personnel read this and start feeling faint, ... Read More