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What file formats can DraftSight open and save?

In addition to the .dwg file format, DraftSight can also read and save .dxf files.  Like many other products, DraftSight utilizes libraries from the Open Design Alliance (ODA) for its DWG file format support. DraftSight can read .dwg and .dxf file versions as early as 2.5 and can save to any version from R12 to R2007-2010.

DraftSight Support Options

Users can sign up for free Community Support or purchase our Enterprise License Subscription, which includes a bundle of services and makes it easier for companies with multiple users to install DraftSight and get the most out of the product and service.

Free Community Support provides immediate, open access to engaging online training videos, easy-to-follow tutorials, curriculum materials and much more. Access the Draftsight Community »

The Enterprise License Subscription package is ideal for organizations that need:

  • Telephone and email support
  • Network licensing
  • API support – LISP
  • Remote desktop support
  • Administrative tools (product installation, tracking use, etc.)
  • All of the online training materials offered through Free Community Support

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DraftSight is the best alternative to AutoCAD 2D on the market today. In addition to being a free product, as with all of Dassault Systemes products, DraftSight is a pleasure to work on and with.

Larry Sketo, Owner, Design Pallets, Inc