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3D Printing Newsletter Issue #15

FEATURED: New PolyJet Triple-Jetting 3D Printers * VIDEO: New Fortus 380mc & 450mc 3D Printers released for Digital Manufacturing applications * VIDEO: ASA is the latest UV-Stable Thermoplastic material for Fortus 3D Printers * CASE STUDY: Western Tool & Mold Pairs Existing Resources With 3D Printing * WEBINAR: 3D Printed Tool Design in 7 Steps * NEWS: Southern Ontario Government Funding Programs to help businesses invest in 3D Printing * NEW: Objet Eden260V Dental Advantage NEWS: Helping Inventors Bring Products to Market * FEATURE: New Lower Price for Objet Desktop 3D Printers * CASE STUDY: 3D printer helps to create miniature solar power plants that can go anywhere * SPECIAL: Fortus Material Promotions in December


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #14

FEATURED: Save Time and Money with 3D Printed Jigs & Fixtures * VIDEO: 3D printer helps to create miniature solar power plants that can go anywhere * NEWS: The Future of Canadian Infrastructure: Barrie Manufacturer and 3D Printing * VIDEO: Cost effective Blow Mold Prototypes with a 3D Printer * EVENT: Experience a Stratasys Colour Multi-Material 3D Printer in Toronto, Wednesday, September 3, 8:30 AM * WEBINAR: Leverage Grants & Loans for Funding the purchase of a 3D Printer, Wednesday, September 17, 11:00 AM (EDT) * EVENTS: Upcoming 3D Printing Events * CASE STUDY: Rutland Plastics 3D Print Jigs and Fixtures in a fraction of the time * FEATURE: Mojo Desktop 3D Printer Price Reduced by 45% * NEWS: 14-Foot Creature Roaring Into Comic-Con with Stratasys 3D Printing * SPECIAL: Stratasys Trade In Promotion


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #13

FEATURED: Canadian Energy Efficient Car Built with a Stratasys 3D Printer * VIDEO: Acist Eliminate their Inventory with DimensionWorks * FEATURE: 3D Printing Business Startup Assistance * VIDEO: New Flexible Colour Materials from Stratasys * EVENTS: Experience 3D Printing at an Upcoming Event * PRODUCTS: New Dental 3D Printers from Stratasys * VIDEO: Endur Simulated Polypropylene 3D Printing Material from Stratasys * VIDEO: Design, Build, and Test in 3D * ARTICLE: Fused Deposition Modeling for Jigs & Fixtures * CASE STUDY: 3D Printed Injection Molds Help Whale Cut Lead Times by up to 97% * SPECIAL: Stratasys Trade In Promotion


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #12

FEATURED: New Objet500 Connex3 Colour 3D Printer * VIDEO: New Ultra Tough FDM Nylon 12 Material * CASE STUDY: Prototypes push cycling passion at Trek * VIDEO: Additive manufacturing for Jigs and Fixtures * EVENT: Join us at FABTECH Canada 2014 this week! * GUIDE: 10 Reasons Why Multi-Material 3D Printing is Better for your Product Design & Development * INDUSTRY: 3D Printing for Automotive Production * HOW-TO: 3D Print your Injection Mold and save 40% - 70% on production costs * VIDEO: What is 3D Printing? Will it change everything? * FEATURE: Consumer 3D Printers NOT for Professional Product Design!


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #11

FEATURED: Ex-Demo Objet 3D Printer Sale On Now * CASE STUDY: Black & Decker rely on Dimension 3D Printers * VIDEO: New Digital ABS2 Photopolymer Material, BLOG: 3D Printed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles take flight * NEWS: Javelin 3D Printing featured in the Globe And Mail "That's Entertainment!" Special Engineering Supplement * NEWS: Mojo now uses less material and prints in colour, HOW-TO: Create clear or translucent models * GUIDE: Which Stratasys 3D Print Technology is right for you? VIDEO: Stratasys Additive Manufacturing 101 * SPECIAL: Stratasys Idea Series Desktop 3D Printers End of Year Finance Deals


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #10

FEATURED: New 3D Printer Website * APPLICATION: Manufacturing End Use Parts * VIDEO: Creating a Respirator for the Defense industry * BLOG: Heavy Metal 3D Printed Thunder for Harley-Davidson * WEBINAR: SOLIDWORKS Modeling for 3D Printing - Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 2:00 PM EDT * TECH TV: Trebuchet 3D Printing Challenge * VIDEO: Objet 3D Printers used to create characters from famous movies * TECHNOLOGY: PolyJet Multi-material 3D Printing * CASE STUDY: Dimension 3D Printer used as Output Device for Google Earth * SERVICE: Get a prototype of your 3D design with Javelin's 3D Printing Service


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #9

FEATURED VIDEO: 3D Printing a Space Vehicle with FDM * PODCAST: Javelin Partnering with OCAD University * OFFER: Stratasys 3D Printer Trade In Promotion * VIDEO: Hyphen 'Build Test & Optimize' Digital Projectors EVENT: Experience 3D Printing Event, Thursday, June 6, 2013, 9:00am - 11:00am, in Oakville ON. * BLOG: Trebuchet 3D Printing Challenge * WHITE PAPER: 3D Printers vs. 3D Production Systems - 10 Distinguishing Factors to Help You Select a System * ARTICLE: Your Future Will Be Manufactured on a 3D Printer * ARTICLE: Obama Announces $200 Million Program for 3D Printing and Innovation * VIDEO: Minimizer use a Fortus 3D Production System to create Fender Prototypes


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #8

FEATURED VIDEO: From Ideas to Prototypes to Production with a Stratasys 3D Printer * FEATURE: Large scale printing with the Objet1000 3D Printer * OFFER: Get a Mojo 3D Printer for as little as $199 a month! * VIDEO: How 3D Printing works by Javelin Customer 3DPhacktory * WEBINAR: Introduction to 3D Printing, on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (EDT) * CASE STUDY: Helvex Cuts Prototyping Time by 80% * WHITE PAPER: 3D Printing In-house or Outsource? * BLOG: The Buildup - the latest 3D Printing News from Javelin * NEWS: The world's first 3D printed car ready for production * VIDEO: A 3D machine that prints skin? How burn care could be revolutionized


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #7

SALE: Get a Great Deal on an Ex-demo 3D Printer from Javelin * ARTICLE: Designing for 3D Printing - Important Factors * VIDEO: Objet1000 – The Largest Polyjet 3D Printer Ever! * WEBINAR: Olloclip Advances iPhone Camera Capabilities With 3D Printing, on Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST) * WEBINAR: Injection Molding and Rapid Tooling with 3D Printing on Thursday, Dec 13, 2012, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST) * OVERVIEW: A look inside the fusion of Stratasys and Objet * NEWS: Stratasys and Objet Complete Merger * VIDEO: Objet 3D Printing and Education: Objet30 Scholar * BLOG: 3D Printing Event for startups in London, Ontario


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #6

FEATURED ITEM: See the Future of 3D Printing on a CBC Video * PAPER: Why Companies prefer Objet Multi-Material 3D Printers * INDUSTRY: 3D printing models in the Architectural Industry * INDUSTRY: 3D print prototypes for the Automotive Industry * EVENT: Experience 3D Printing - Thursday, November 8, 2012, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM in Oakville, ON. * BLOG: 3D Printing and Plastic Injection - How to make functional injection molds with a 3D printer * VIDEO: Microsoft's design of their new tablet PC 'Surface' benefits from 3D Printing * BLOG: I have a 3D printer in house. What is next?


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #5

FEATURED ITEM: Print My Model - Get a FREE print of your part * FEATURE: Calculate your ROI for an Objet 3D Printer in 5 easy steps * WHITE PAPER: 8 reasons why product development will never be the same again * ARTICLE: 3D Printers Accelerate Designs, article from Business in Vancouver * EVENT: Experience 3D Printing on Thursday, September 13, in Oakville, ON. * BLOG: Learn the benefits of producing Digital Tooling with an Objet 3D Printer * VIDEO: Witness how accurately you can build parts in an Objet 3D printer * BLOG: The Incredible Hulk and John Carter get the 3D Printer Treatment


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #4

BLOG: Create a Sensory Experience with a Prototype * VIDEO: Introducing the new Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer * SALE: Objet Ex-demo 3D Printer Inventory Blowout * WEBINAR: 3D Printing Solutions that make the Design Process Flow, Tuesday June 19, 2:00pm - 3:00pm (EST) * CASE STUDY: Objet helps Doosan Infracore bring modeling in-house and reduce production times * NEWS: Sky News reports 3D printing could re-shape the world * VIDEO: Learn how Microsoft develops mouse and keyboard products with Objet 3D Printers * BLOG: Objet create a 3D Printed Flashlight with working parts!


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #3

CASE STUDY: Logitech save design costs with Objet Eden * VIDEO: Objet 3D Printing-based Digital Dentistry Workflow * BLOG: Which is the right 3D Printing Technology for me? * EVENT: Experience 3D Printing * TRADE SHOWS: Visit the Javelin Objet booth in May * NEWS: Stratasys and Objet agree to combine to create a leader in 3D Printing and direct digital manufacturing * VIDEO: Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Materials Comparison * ARTICLE: Fenway Park Stadium gets 3D Printed!


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #2

SHOW: Join us at the FABTECH Show in Toronto, March 20-22, 2012, you could WIN a night out at the ACC to watch the Maple Leafs. * EVENTS: Experience 3D Printing in our Rapid Prototyping Lab. * BLOG: How to make the right decision when purchasing a 3D Printer * WEBINAR: Today at 2:00PM (EST) Additive Manufacturing: Injection molding, living hinges, overmolding and more. * SHOW: Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, March 8-10, 2012. * CASE STUDY: 3M Improves its design process with Objet 3D Printing. * ARTICLE: Why 3D Printing will go the way of Virtual Reality.


3D Printing Newsletter Issue #1

SALE: Get a great deal on an Objet Ex-demonstration 3D Printer * CONTEST: Enter the Objet Cool 3D Model Contest, WIN an iPad® 2 * VIDEO: Learn how Trek Bikes use Objet for product development * WHITE PAPER: Top Five Reasons to Integrate 3D Printing into your Product Development Lifecycle * CASE STUDY: Jaguar Land Rover use Objet prototyping for automotive styling and design testing * ARTICLE: Cool iPhone Amplifiers – Grown using the Objet Connex * ARTICLE: Javelin Objet 3D Printing Project - Wall-E