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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium software provides a full range of simulation capabilities to test product durability and bolsters the depth of Simulation Professional with additional features, including tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic response and dynamic loading.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional goes beyond core simulation and expands the virtual test environment to product durability and natural frequencies, heat transfer and buckling, and pressure analysis and complex loading.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

Included with the SOLIDWORKS Premium 3D CAD design package, SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides core simulation tools to test strength and safety, analyze the kinematics, and simulate real world performance to help you make the decisions that improve quality.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation takes the complexity out of computational fluid dynamics to quickly and easily simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces critical to your design.

Solve complex simulations to enhance product performance

Solve complex simulations to enhance product performance

Engineering successful, innovative products in today's competitive environment requires simulation power.

The ability to analyze the multifaceted physical performance characteristics of a design before making a prototype can substantially increase productivity. Companies need robust simulation tools to efficiently overcome time, budget, and quality demands.

SOLIDWORKS® Simulation delivers powerful simulation capabilities that can solve complex analysis problems, helping you design better, more innovative products faster and more cost-effectively.

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Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc

Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc. based in Nova Scotia, Canada

Grantec uses SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis software to analyze structures that must withstand substantial forces, such as the Canadian Navy's Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel.

The Results

  • Increased analysis productivity by a factor of 40
  • Expanded range of analysis capabilities
  • Enhanced handling of analysis of complex geometries
  • Improved communication of analysis results to customers
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Richard M. Grant
The combination of SOLIDWORKS modeling and SOLIDWORKS Simulation fast-solving capabilities enables us to do more analyses because we can change a model, re-mesh, and reanalyze very efficiently.

Richard M. Grant, President, Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc