PhotoView 360

One-button Photorealistic Rendering for SOLIDWORKS

PhotoView 360 is a visualization and rendering solution included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium. PhotoView 360 provides a highly interactive environment for viewing designs as well as for creating photorealistic renderings that can be used to showcase designs.

PhotoView 360 is based on SOLIDWORKS Intelligent Feature Technology (SWIFT) and helps beginning CAD users achieve expert results. Its simple-to-use progressive rendering tools lets users photorealistically render a scene while allowing the user to continue working on the same scene, unlike software that forces users to wait until scenes are complete.


PhotoView 360 Features & Benefits

Round trip compatibility

PhotoView 360 is a separate application to SOLIDWORKS but any changes made to the SOLIDWORKS data will update automatically in PhotoView 360, without the loss of current PhotoView 360 materials and scenes.

Automatic Mapping of RealView Materials

When opening SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies into PhotoView 360 automatic mapping of all default RealView materials to the equivalent PhotoView 360 material is applied.

Drag and Drop Materials and Scenes

Materials and scenes are drag and drop from the extensive libraries included with PhotoView 360. Texture based materials can be scaled and colour adjusted in the PhotoView 360 window.

Pre-Defined HDRI Scenes

PhotoView 360 allows users to load a number of pre-defined scenes that are based on HDR (high dynamic range) images. These types of scenes contribute very realistic lighting to your SOLIDWORKS models and forego the need to create and adjust SOLIDWORKS lights making it very simple and easy to quickly achieve photo-realism.

Camera Effects

PhotoView 360 provides control over camera effects allowing SOLIDWORKS users many more options in getting the rendering to look exactly the way he/she wants it to look:

  • Switch between perspective and orthogonal views
  • Depth-of-field controls let you create renderings where part of the image is in focus and other parts are not in focus.
  • Add a bloom effect to the final render to create a glow for emissive appearances or areas of very bright environment reflections.




PhotoView 360 Image

Example bulb design image, with a bloom effect, created with PhotoView 360

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PhotoView 360 Background Image

Rendering in PhotoView 360 with a 2D background image displayed behind the model

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