Photorealistic rendering software fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS

PhotoWorks software enables SOLIDWORKS users to quickly and predictably create photorealistic images that rival those of studio-based photography.

  • Present convincing design proposals quickly and effectively

  • Produce virtual material and color studies

  • Reduce prototyping and photography costs

  • Bring products to market faster

Combine with SOLIDWORKS MotionManager to create photorealistic rendered animations. Reduce prototyping costs and cut time-to-market. PhotoWorks lets you demonstrate how your design will look without expensive mock-ups, prototypes, or studio photo sessions. Speed review cycles, market product concepts before manufacturing even begins, create images for sales and service documentation, and reduce time-to-market.


PhotoWorks Features & Benefits

Extensive Materials Library

PhotoWorks MaterialsPhotoWorks offers the most complete set of Machine and Consumer Product Design materials of any CAD package in the industry. PhotoWorks is completely integrated into SOLIDWORKS so there is no translation necessary between modeling and rendering. Materials include polished, satin, brushed and sandblasted metals, Gloss white and Moldtech like textured plastics, reflective, translucent, and bead-blasted glass just to name a few. All of these materials are ready to use and have been optimized for maximum realism without the need to tweak them.

Drag and Drop

PhotoWorks Drag & DropAll materials are drag and drop from the Resource Pane. Texture based materials can be dynamically scaled, rotated and repositioned in the SOLIDWORKS window for quick and easy application. All PhotoWorks materials can be modified and saved by the user to create customized materials.

Pre-Defined HDRI Scenes

Pre-Defined HDRI ScenesPhotoWorks includes a number of pre-defined scenes that are based on HDR (high dynamic range) images. These types of scenes contribute very realistic lighting to your SOLIDWORKS models and forego the need to create and adjust SOLIDWORKS lights making it very simple and easy to quickly achieve photo-realism.



PhotoWorks contour rendering of an engine design

PhotoWorks rendering of an engine (Design by UAMZ)

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PhotoWorks works inside SolidWorks

PhotoWorks works right inside of SOLIDWORKS allowing for easy application of materials

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