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SOLIDWORKS Composer is an authoring tool for creating 2D/3D images and 3D animations for technical publications, and interactive product documentation.

Animations including kinematics and reverse-kinematics as well as high-resolution image outputs including SVG and CGM files can be created easily. Producing 2D line art is quick and easy with SOLIDWORKS Composer's built-in technical illustration capabilities.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Benefits

  • Eliminate error-prone and costlier documentation processes involving human intervention and lots of rework to incorporate product design changes.
  • Gain significant cost savings and competitive advantage by taking products faster to market.
  • Leverage existing 3D design data (independent of CAD systems) to produce accurate and up-to-date product documentation.


Streamlining Product Documentation across the Manufacturing Enterprise with SolidWorks Composer

Streamlining Product Documentation across the Manufacturing Enterprise with SOLIDWORKS Composer

For many years, manufacturers simply had to accept more time delays and greater costs as they developed product documentation in multiple languages to support growing global markets. But today, product developers are gaining competitive advantage, saving time, and cutting costs with a new class of integrated software tools.

With 3D authoring software like SOLIDWORKS Composer™, your company can use 3D CAD data to automate the product documentation process—without modifying product designs.

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See how Cardiovascular Systems Inc., using SolidWorks Composer

See how Cardiovascular Systems Inc., using SOLIDWORKS Composer

Using SOLIDWORKS software, CSI is revolutionizing the treatment of vascular disease through the development of products like the PREDATOR 360, a disposable, diamond-coated catheterbased device.

The Results

  • Reduced development time by 25%
  • Cut manufacturing costs by 20%
  • Introduced effective treatment for removing arterial plaque
  • Improved health and lifestyles of vascular disease patients
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We are also using SOLIDWORKS Composer to create animations of new designs for consulting physicians to show how the product will inject, travel, and work.

Christopher Narveson, Design and Engineering Services Manager, Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.