SOLIDWORKS® MotionManager

Animation Software for Design Communication

The SOLIDWORKS MotionManager consolidates Dynamic Assembly Motion, Physical Simulation, Animation, and SOLIDWORKS Motion (included with SOLIDWORKS Premium or purchased as an add-in) into a single, easy-to-use interface. The MotionManager has a key frame-based timeline and controls motors, gravity, and springs based on time. With a single setup, you can see how an assembly moves and how components interact, create presentations, and obtain component velocities and accelerations for validation purposes.


SOLIDWORKS Animator Features & Benefits

Easy to use animation tools

Easy to use animation toolsSOLIDWORKS MotionManager enables you to create compelling AVI files from SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies, allowing you to communicate design concepts and collaborate more effectively with anyone who has a PC. No special expertise is required to use SOLIDWORKS MotionManager, and it's affordable enough for every designer and engineer.

  • Point-and-click Animation Wizard makes animation effortless.  

  • Capture assembly motion instantly to reveal how moving parts will interact.

  • Explode or collapse an assembly to demonstrate how components will fit together.

  • Fly around a model or revolve it 360 degrees on a turntable to show every angle.

  • Simplify creation of sophisticated animations with enhanced controls for explode, collapse, and pacing functions.

  • Make product design changes fast and shorten development cycles by circulating design AVIs for review via email.

  • Produce design AVIs for computer-based technical support documentation and training materials.

  • Full integration with PhotoView 360 rendering software to create photorealistic images in the animation, such as, special surface texture, lighting, or background.

  • Send animations via e-mail with SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Professional

  • Capture and share SOLIDWORKS Simulation® and SOLIDWORKS Motion™ results with animations that allow you to rotate, explode, collapse, and present different camera views of your analyses.

Seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS and PhotoWorks software

Seamless integration with PhotoWorksSOLIDWORKS MotionManager is seamlessly integrated with SOLIDWORKS and PhotoView 360, allowing you to easily take advantage of the unmatched solid modeling capabilities of SOLIDWORKS and photorealistic rendering features of PhotoWorks.

  • Ensure accuracy through fully associative design – mating constraints are preserved and the relationships between parts, assemblies, and drawings update automatically.
  • Prevent errors and optimize designs by using Collision Detection to observe in real
    time how moving parts interact as true solids.
  • Improve visualization with enhanced graphical control of lights.
  • Create photorealistic effects by means of sophisticated ray-traced lighting effects
    and the ability to define material properties and apply materials to parts and features.
  • Increase the impact of presentations with an extensive library of materials and
    textures and background scenery.
  • Save time with easy access to built-in online help and support.

Document design processes easily with Screen Capture function

SOLIDWORKS MotionManager includes a quick and easy to use Screen Capture tool that allows you to document design production sequences and perform other functions that go beyond what is typically considered animation, for example you can use the screen capture tool to carry out any of the following tasks:

  • Demonstrate the results of any add-on applications that provide single-window
    integration with SOLIDWORKS, including Certified Gold software solutions from
    SOLIDWORKS Solution Partners.
  • Analyze and improve design processes by rolling back and replaying the complete
    history of a design project.
  • Capture the result of any VBA (Visual Basic® for Applications) macro to document an automated design process.



Gear Box Animation

Example Gear Box animation created with SOLIDWORKS MotionManager

Click on the image to launch animation example


Incubator animation

Example Incubator animation created with SOLIDWORKS MotionManager

Click on the image to launch animation example