SOLIDWORKS® Professional 2017

Design, Communication and Productivity Tools

A robust suite of core productivity tools, SOLIDWORKS Professional includes SOLIDWORKS 3D mechanical design software, a full range of design communication and CAD productivity tools.


Features & Benefits

Award Winning 3D Design Tools

SolidWorks 3D DesignSOLIDWORKS award winning, windows native, 3D mechanical design software. Powerful, easy to use, and innovative, SOLIDWORKS is the leading mainstream CAD solution. Evaluate more design alternatives, reduce errors, and enhance product quality. Only SOLIDWORKS offers the solid modeling power and performance to get any job done, while being intuitive enough for every engineer and designer to learn.

Design Communication Tools

Design Communication ToolsShare product design concepts and collaborate more easily with SOLIDWORKS Professional. Innovative SOLIDWORKS design communication tools allow your organization to begin marketing activities early and streamline all phases of the product development process. The following communication tools are included:

CAD Productivity Tools

CAD Productivity ToolsIncrease efficiency with SOLIDWORKS CAD productivity tools that automate frequently performed design tasks and improve your ability to reuse previously created design work. You can also check your design work and drag and drop parts into your assembies directly from a library of standard parts.The following productivity tools are included:

  • FeatureWorks - Simplify the reuse of 3D CAD data created in varied file formats.
  • SOLIDWORKS Design Checker - A timesaving tool for ensuring compliance with your organization's design standards
  • SOLIDWORKS Toolbox - Automate assembly tasks with a library of standard parts.
  • SOLIDWORKS Utilities - Work more efficiently in product development environments with multiple design changes.


CircuitWorks PCB Design

CircuitWorksCircuitWorks is a bi-directional IDF and PADS file translator for the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD system. CircuitWorks is an add-in product which adds functionality to allow SOLIDWORKS to read and write industry standard IDF or PADS ASCII files produced by Electrical CAD (ECAD) systems used for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design.


Estimate the manufacturing costs of sheet metal or machined components

SolidWorks CostingUsing SOLIDWORKS Costing, designers can automatically calculate manufacturing cost estimates to ensure they are within design cost goals, and manufacturers can instantly create detailed quotes that are accurate to their specific manufacturing costs and processes.


SOLIDWORKS Upgrades, Technical Support & Value Added Resources

With SOLIDWORKS Subscrition your design team will have access to new SOLIDWORKS software releases and upgrades, enhancement request privileges, live technical support from Javelin, and comprehensive online resources. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service.



SolidWorks Design Clipart

Design Clipart allows users to reuse views, tables, and even images from DWG files or sketches and features from SOLIDWORKS models without any setup.

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Emissive materials

Emissive materials applied to various readouts and LEDs increase the realism of rendered products.

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