SOLIDWORKS® Simulation Standard

Perform Structural FEA Testing of Parts and Assemblies for Product Innovation

“What if?” It’s the inspiration that fuels innovation—and with SOLIDWORKS® Simulation software, you remove the risk and replace it with a 3DEXPERIENCE workspace to virtually test your new ideas, develop new designs, and accelerate your products to market.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard gives you an intuitive virtual testing environment for linear static, motion and fatigue simulation (not included with SOLIDWORKS Premium software), so you can answer common engineering challenges with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD embedded solution.


Features & Benefits

  • Verify your design with powerful linear static analysis
    • Test products made of weldments, sheet metal, and volume geometry with mixed mesh
    • Evaluate strain and stresses between contacting parts, including friction
    • Apply bearing loads, forces, pressures, and torques
    • Optimize designs based on structural, motion or geometric criteria
    • Use connectors or virtual fasteners to model bolts, pins, springs, and bearings, and dimension them under applied loads
    • Activate the Trend Tracker and Design Insight plots to highlight optimal design changes
      while you work (not included with SOLIDWORKS Premium software)
  • Evaluate your product performance throughout its operational cycle with motion analysis
    • Define motion studies with time-based approach for rigid body kinematic and dynamic
    • Leverage SOLIDWORKS assembly mates along with part properties for the motion analysis
    • Evaluate characteristics like actuator force and joint loads for motion optimization
    • Gain greater control of model actuators with servomotors
  • Study the effects of cyclic loading on product life
    • Check a system’s expected life or accumulated damage after a specified number of cycles
    • Import load history data from real physical tests to define loading events
  • Interpret analysis results with powerful and intuitive visualization tools. Once you have completed your analysis, SOLIDWORKS Simulation offers a variety of results visualization tools that allow you to gain valuable insight into the performance of your models.
    • Study the distribution of result quantities with 3D contour plots (including stress, strain, deformed shape, displacement, energy, error, strain energy, density, and reaction force).
    • Measure results at any location using predefined sensors or the probe tool.
    • Graph stress variation along a path.
    • Use section plots to display results along the depth of the model. The sections can be moved dynamically.
    • List results and automatically export data to Microsoft® Excel and Word.
    • Import physical test results at a specified location and compare them to analysis results, or export analysis data at critical locations for physical testing.
    • Determine the factor of safety using the Design Check Wizard.
  • Collaborate and share analysis results. SOLIDWORKS Simulation makes it easy to collaborate and share analysis results effectively with everyone involved in the product development process.
    • Generate reports in HTML and Microsoft Word format with a single mouse click.
    • Customize reports to include logos, images, and additional details.
    • Save result plots in several standard formats, such as VRML, XGL, BMP, and JPEG.
    • Export animations of results as an AVI.
    • Capture analysis results with SOLIDWORKS MotionManager.
    • Publish SOLIDWORKS eDrawings files with analysis information.



SolidWorks Simulation Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Simulation includes several types of loads and restraints to represent real-life situations

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SolidWorks Simulation Professional Fatigue Analysis

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard provides you with vibration and fatigue analysis

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