SOLIDWORKS® Simulation Premium

The complete Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software

One of the most comprehensive and sophisticated packages available, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium offers seasoned analysts a tremendous range of design validation capabilities at a fraction of the cost of most high-end FEA programs.

For tough engineering problems like advanced dynamics, and nonlinear and fatigue simulation, you need a powerful tool that delivers reliable results quickly. Backed by over 20 years of FEA expertise and technological innovations, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium offers the high-end analysis you need to get the job done.


Additional functionality over SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

In addition to the design validation functionality contained in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium offers analysts an expanded selection of analysis capabilities including; Nonlinear, Dynamics, and Composites.


Features & Benefits

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, you can:

  • Analyze your design in the nonlinear world
    • Easily transition between linear and nonlinear simulations for comprehensive evaluation
    • Examine deformations caused by overloads, contact (including self-contact),
      and flexible materials
    • Determine residual stresses and permanent deformations in metals after material yield
    • Study nonlinear buckling and snap-through events
    • Investigate designs with hyperelastic materials, such as rubbers, silicones and other elastomers
    • Conduct an elasto-plastic analysis to study plastic deformation and the onset of yield
    • Examine creep effects and material changes with temperature
    • Test the performance of your molded plastic part taking into account in-mold residual stresses and temperature with SOLIDWORKS Plastics
  • Perform dynamic analyses of parts and assemblies
    • Simulate time history, steady-state harmonic, response spectrum, and random
      vibration excitations
    • Study stress, displacement, velocity, and acceleration variations with time, as well as RMS and PSD values
    • Carry out impact analysis using nonlinear dynamic capabilities
    • Determine the durability of a product submitted to vibrations with fatigue analysis
  • Simulate composite materials
    • Study multilayer composite components to examine the effects of layer material, thickness, and orientation on product performance
    • Use the revolutionary user interface to dynamically control and display ply orientation
    • Determine the correct composite lay-up and orientation for operational loads
  • Easily tackle complex problems with Cyclic Symmetry and 2D planar simplification tools
    • Create plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric, and cyclic symmetry nonlinear analysis
    • Solve complex contact problems in a fraction of the time with no loss of accuracy
    • Use 3D CAD models without modification to generate 2D sections for analysis



SolidWorks Non-linear Analysis

Study nonlinear problems that
involve large displacement and complex material models.

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SolidWorks Simulation Professional Fatigue Analysis

SOLIDWORKS Simulation allows you to find the stresses and deflections on a system holding a motor subject to time-varying forces.

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