Design Automation & Programming Services

Get a Custom Application to reduce your design time

Do you have a need to automate repetitive tasks to increase designer productivity?  Have a design challenge you cannot solve? Have a vision of automating company processes but are challenged in how to do so? Javelin can help.  Our automation team can develop custom programming and applications for your business to increase productivity, reduce design time, and decrease time to market. 

Automation and Custom Programming Results

  • Automate your repetitive design tasks
  • Generate your documentation/outputs automatically e.g. 3D models, 2D drawings, Cut Lists, DXF’s, and e-Drawings.
  • Automatically create your sales documentation and reduce your selling costs – thanks to much less manual work and a diminished need for technical support for quotations and orders.
  • Increase the speed, consistency and accuracy of your drawings and documents.
  • Increase the speed and quality of your response to customers.
  • Manage quality ensuring that results are consistent and accurate thus eliminating errors in quotations and orders - your correction costs are slashed.


Automation Implementation Options

Javelin provides a variety of implementation options to meet your specific requirements and budget. The options fall into these two categories:

Option #1: Empowering customers to create an Automation system

One of the best options for you to get the most out of DriveWorks is to learn how to use the system and then with our assistance you can easily capture design rules and integrate your own processes. You will be able to manage the system so if your design rules or business processes change in the future you will have the skills to modify the system accordingly.

Typically, with this option you would undertake a customized five day training course. The first three days you will learn the basic automation functions, and the final two days are spent working on your own business application.

Javelin will provide assistance during the system development to ensure that your automation project is completed in a timely manner.

Option #2: Javelin creates and delivers your Automation system

The other main option you can choose is for Javelin to develop a complete ‘turnkey’ application, deliver, install and train your users in its use and upkeep. Typical customer projects have taken between 4 and 12 weeks, the completion time will depend on the complexity and scope of your project.

System services we can provide within a project scope are:

  • SOLIDWORKS model, assembly, drawing creation to support the automation application.
  • Data table creation either in Excel or Access or SQL to support the application
  • Business Systems integration services (e.g. MRP or ERP integration)
  • Macro/programming services (integration of ‘other’ applications used in your business)

The advantage to this implementation option is that you receive a completed system and will save you the distractions of trying to maintain your day to day business operations.

Whichever option you provide Javelin will be able to help you with the development and deliver an automation system in a timely fashion.