PDM Implementation Service

Two Day SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Implementation

Realize an immediate return on your investment by launching SOLIDWORKS PDM in
just two days. With our exclusive implementation service you will get your SOLIDWORKS PDM system up and running quickly; plus on site training will allow your team to easily adapt SOLIDWORKS PDM to existing design processes.

Service details at a glance:

Duration: 2 days
Designed for: Administrators & Users.

Implementation Process:

  • On site PDM Installation.
  • Admin Setup & Configuration.
  • User Training & Best Practices.
  • Support & follow up sessions.
The benefits to you and your team:
  • A fast and inexpensive service.
  • Get recommended SOLIDWORKS templates and document setup.
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to use EPDM the right way.
  • Confidence that a certified EPDM Specialist with years of experience is implementing your system.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Implementation Service Outline

The two day Implementation Service provides you with all the installation, training and support you'll need to easily transition to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional:

  • PDM Installation - Half day remote installation and setup support
    • SQL Installation
    • EPDM server application installation
    • Vault creation from Javelin template
    • Instruction on user installation and login creation
  • PDM Admin Setup and Training - Half day on site admin orientation
    • Quick overview of administration tool
    • Update variable mapping to work with company SOLIDWORKS® and AutoCAD® files
    • Ensure product and project templates follow defined folder structure
    • Validate group permissions
    • Testing of key functionality: revision scheme, part number, file data card population, workflow
  • PDM User Training - Half day on site user orientation
    • Overview of Windows Explorer interface
    • Searching interface overview
    • SOLIDWORKS interface and multiuser coordination
    • Instruction on loading files in to vault
  • PDM Support - Half day follow up calls for your implementation
    • Q&A sessions with your assigned PDM implementation specialist
    • 1 hour calls at regular intervals after implementation
    • Completed within 3 months after the implementation date


Our PDM implementation has been very successful and it has gone more rapidly than we anticipated. We are very happy with the technical expertise of Javelin Technologies' implementation team.

Nick Iliescu, Metform International