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Learn more about the 3D CAD, PDM, Analysis and Automation services available from Javelin. We also have a Service Bureau which features a list of Javelin customers who provide design and manufacturing services using SOLIDWORKS software



Experience the Javelin Technical Services custom application creation capabilities by downloading PropertyLinksXpress - our free add-in product.

Integrated with the SOLIDWORKS PropertyManager PropertyLinksXpress allows you to create pre-defined lists of custom properties and quickly apply them to your models.

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Calendar Club Success Story

Calendar Club

Calendar Club worked with Javelin to develop a SOLIDWORKS application that would read information directly from their SQL database, and create new store layouts, floor gridlines, and an entire library to enable assembly designs for their store/kiosk layout

  • Design time was reduced 35%-45%
  • Errors were reduced by 25%
  • 30% cost savings

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Combining the power and flexibility of SOLIDWORKS with proprietary software and programming through a partnership with Javelin Technologies has greatly improved the efficiencies and accuracy of our store layout and product planning.

Shawn Davis, Calendar Club of Canada