SOLIDWORKS Custom Applications

Solve your critical business issues with a Customized SOLIDWORKS Application

The Javelin Technical Services Team has helped customers to work quicker and easier by creating custom applications for SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional software.

Here are just a selection of the SOLIDWORKS custom applications developed by the Javelin Services Team:

SolidWorks AppFeed Screw Creator application for SOLIDWORKS

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SolidWorks AppAutomated Model and Drawing information created from an existing database

SolidWorks AppBOM Part Number Validation against item masters in a customer's ERP system

SolidWorks AppAdvanced Plant/Factory Layout Automation Add-in

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SolidWorks AppAutomated PDF and Flame Cut File generation for distribution to manufacturing from engineering

SolidWorks AppCustom software to transfer AutoCAD Bill of Materials to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

SolidWorks AppDGN to SOLIDWORKS translator (not included with SOLIDWORKS software)

SolidWorks AppMaterial and Labour Cost Estimator Add-in for SOLIDWORKS part and assembly documents


Combining the power and flexibility of SOLIDWORKS with proprietary software and programming through a partnership with Javelin Technologies has greatly improved the efficiencies and accuracy of our store layout and product planning.

Shawn Davis, Calendar Club of Canada