SOLIDWORKS Implementation Services

Javelin can help you to implement and optimize SOLIDWORKS

If you are a NEW SOLIDWORKS CUSTOMER we can assist with your deployment of SOLIDWORKS so that your team will be up and running quickly, allowing you to get the most out of your new SOLIDWORKS software purchase.

If you are an EXISTING SOLIDWORKS CUSTOMER we can improve your current SOLIDWORKS design processes and make you even more productive.

Why Javelin SOLIDWORKS Services Team?

Our team is a group of experienced SOLIDWORKS technicians who have assisted hundreds of customers with their SOLIDWORKS system implementations. The team includes Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals and Certified Product Data Management Professionals.


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#1: On-Site Audit of your Hardware (½ Day)
  • Review of all existing engineering computer hardware currently in use for your company’s design team.
  • Creation of report of all existing system configurations, and recommendations for hardware upgrade or replacement, to comply with SOLIDWORKS certified standards.
  • Recommend SOLIDWORKS certified computer systems to your company’s IT department, assist with purchase of new systems through Javelin.
  • Analyze network speed from server to client workstations, if file server will be used.  Discuss best practices for working over a network.
#2: SOLIDWORKS Installation Service
  • 1-10 SOLIDWORKS Seats
    • Organization and storage of SOLIDWORKS install files on server
    • Installation and configuration of SOLIDWORKS on engineering computers
  • 10+ SOLIDWORKS Seats
    • Creation of customized installation file – install the product that you need
    • Creation of Administrative image, customized to your server needs and environment
    • Delivery and installation of Administrative image on Server
    • On-site deployment of SOLIDWORKS Administrative image to client machines
  • Includes 'best practices' document for installation, upgrading and uninstalling SOLIDWORKS
  • Includes instruction on how to download SOLIDWORKS software and updates from SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal
#3: Drawing Template Management (1 Day)
  • Standardize and creation of Drawing Templates and Title blocks.
  • Setup of Design Standards and testing of standards verification.
  • Custom property creation and organization to align with company goals and standards.
  • Custom property input optimization and training with PropertyLinks or PropertyLinksXpress.
  • Optimization of part and assembly templates to work with company best practices and custom properties.
  • Up to three drawing templates and drawing sheet format creation.
  • Capture company standards with design checker profile.
  • Setup and training of design checking routine to ensure files meet company standards.
#4: Library Management (1 Day)
  • Setting up shared folders
  • Centralizing/organizing shared libraries (Weldment Profiles, Sheet metal tools, etc.).
  • Toolbox setup, customization and centralization.
  • Setup shared annotations for drawing productivity.
  • Materials database customization.
  • Setup of sheet metal bend standards.
  • Setup of weldment stock material library.
  • Due to time constraints, every customized library item may not be completed but a clear structure and direction of what needs to be completed for a fully functioning library will be implemented.
#5: BOM (Bill of Materials) Management (1 Day)
  • Training for design team on managing BOM’s in SOLIDWORKS.
    • Utilization of Weldment Cut lists and Best Practices.
    • Populating stock material properties – Raw material codes for your ERP system.
  • Methodologies – Assembly BOM’s vs. Drawing BOM’s.
    • Analyze Pro’s and Con’s of each format to decide what is best for your company.
    • Help apply proper BOM type to company processes and standards.
  • Dissolving and Promoting BOM subassemblies effectively.
  • Corresponding/Standardizing/organizing Balloons and BOM Verification.
  • BOM Template sharing and setup.
#6: Library Creation Assistance
  • Migrate current libraries and standards to SOLIDWORKS Library.
  • Build custom library for use in SOLIDWORKS to align with your business process.