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Streamline Process and Plant Design with 3D

NEW Streamline Process and Plant Design with 3D

Building plants and processing systems—or even an entire factory—in a global economy has become more challenging than ever. Competition is stiff and capital is tight, so the need to control costs, ensure quality, and speed delivery is critical to your success. Whether you develop individual components, equipment, processing systems, or complete plants, integrated 3D solutions can help you develop, coordinate, and deliver on-time and within budget.

Streamlining the Design of Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

NEW Squeeze Time and Money Out of Production Using Design for Manufacturability

By taking manufacturing issues into consideration during initial design, manufacturers can avoid time-consuming delays, unnecessary costs, and undesirable quality issues. With Design for Manufacturability (DFM) tools and applications – like those available with the SOLIDWORKS® design solution – you can improve the performance of your manufacturing operations and make a valuable contribution to your company’s bottom line.

Best Practices for Data Migration Success

NEW Best Practices for Data Migration Success

Although switching to 3D CAD software dramatically improves business performance, the investment raises questions about how to handle legacy data. How much, if any, should be converted to 3D models? When do you convert it? Which data do you convert? How can you avoid errors? What has proven successful for other companies?

This paper outlines migration strategies that squarely address these questions and covers objectives, return on investment considerations, quality issues, and best practices.