Arato Designs

Design & Engineering Services

Arato Designs are a design and engineering service firm who provide customers with product design, engineering, sales, and marketing services.


Company: Arato Designs

Location: Markham, Ontario


Industry: Design & Engineering Services

Previous CAD: Other 2D Tools

Products used: SOLIDWORKS Professional


  • Share design work more effectively with clients
  • Needed a way to streamline communication and collaborate more easily from the initial concept through the final prototyping stage



SOLIDWORKS offered a short learning curve, which appealed to Arato designers whose experience was using 2D design tools. The changeover took barely a week from the point of acquiring the new system to completing production-ready drawings of entire assemblies.



  • Reduced design cycle by 50 percent
  • Lowered development costs 30 percent
  • Strengthened relationships with mold makers
  • Increased production throughput by 25 percent


Paul Arato, Principal Designer, Arato Designs
SOLIDWORKS has supplied the bridge between thought and spontaneous prototype.

Paul Arato, Principal Designer, Arato Designs


Glass carrier designed for Cardinal Glass

Glass carrier designed for Cardinal Glass. Design features low-pressure injection molded glass-filled PPSF and reinforcing structural steel tube construction. Snap-together and replaceable modules assemble to produce 48” to 112" long units. Up to 2000 kilos of glass panels are carried while being cushioned on patented anti-skid pads

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