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Advanced Design & Drafting, Inc., is a multi-faceted design and drafting firm serving all types of design and engineering needs.

Advanced Design & Drafting (Ayr), Inc.

Company: Advanced Design & Drafting (Ayr), Inc.

Location: Cambridge, Ontario


Industry: Design & Engineering Services

Previous CAD: Pro/ENGINEER

Products used: SOLIDWORKS


The company needed 3D CAD software that would help it to better meet the requirements of its customers. It also wanted the ability to simulate motion and check interference before cutting metal.



The company evaluated several CAD packages, including Autodesk Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge, and AutoCAD, but chose SOLIDWORKS for its ease of use and the fact that multiple users can collaborate on a project and conduct basic FEA testing.



  • Reduced product design time by 50 percent
  • Lowered product development costs by 40 percent
  • Leveraged integrated design analysis
  • Improved visualization and handling of large assemblies


SOLIDWORKS is ideal for collaborating on projects, including the basic FEA testing

Ian Martin, CAD Team Leader, Advanced Design & Drafting, Inc.


ATV Logging Trailer created with SolidWorks

ATV Logging Trailer created with SOLIDWORKS

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Wolf Wind Turbine

Wolf Wind Turbine, alternative energy source for businesses, communities, and individuals

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