Cobham Tracking & Locating

Electronics Industry (Equipment for military search and rescue)

Cobham Tracking & Locating (Formerly Seimac Ltd.) design and manufacture radio beacons primarily used for tracking and locating military aviation crash survivors.


Company Name: Cobham Tracking & Locating

Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Company URL:

Industry: Electronic Equipment

Previous CAD: AutoCAD

Products used: SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS PDM


  • Move from 2D to 3D and replace AutoCAD
  • Ease of use, ease of integration
  • Ability to import files directly from AutoCAD and SolidEdge



  • Selected SOLIDWORKS over Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, CADKEY and SolidEdge for ease of use, shorter learning curve, ability to import files from other software and intuitive ability
  • Improved marketing support as well as sales.  Secured additional projects with e-Drawings’ effective sales/communication/presentation tool.     
  • Definite time savings realized moving from 2D to 3D
  • Faster access to technical support/expertise provided by Javelin Technologies (Dealing with largest reseller vrs. smaller resellers)


Javelin’s training, support and implementation services exceeded our company’s expectations.

Larry MacVicar, Sr. Mechanical Designer, Cobham Tracking & Locating