Automation Tooling Systems, Inc.

Machinery Design & Manufacture

Automation Tooling Systems, Inc. (ATS), is the global leader in the design and manufacture of turnkey automated manufacturing and test systems. The company's equipment is used to reduce costs and achieve higher quality production by a variety of manufacturers in the automotive, computer/electronics, healthcare, and consumer products industries. ATS also manufactures plastics and metal precision components and subassemblies utilizing its own custom-built manufacturing systems, process knowledge, and automation technology.


Company: Automation Tooling Systems, Inc.

Location: Cambridge, Ontario


Industry: Machinery Design

Previous CAD: Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD

Products used: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS eDrawings, PhotoWorks


ATS needed to upgrade from 2D to 3D software to boost productivity, improve quality, design more innovative products, and expand its market.



After evaluating Mechanical Desktop, Pro/ENGINEER, and I-DEAS/Master Series, ATS selected SOLIDWORKS software because of its short learning curve, large assembly capabilities, compatibility with legacy data, and 3D visualization and animation capabilities.

By implementing SOLIDWORKS, ATS realized productivity improvements, implemented company-wide design standards, eliminated drafting/drawing errors, minimized structural errors through integrated analysis, improved product quality, elevated the level of communications with its customers, and introduced a strategic product, the SuperTrak High-speed Pallet Transport System. ATS uses SOLIDWORKS MotionManager (MotionManager) and PhotoWorks to produce animations and graphics of systems and uses SOLIDWORKS eDrawings to share these drawing and model files with colleagues and customers.



  • Accelerated the design of large, moving assemblies
  • Implemented company-wide design standards
  • Reduced drafting and structural errors
  • Enhanced customer communications


Mike Baljak, Mechanical Designer, Automation Tooling Systems
We use the markup and measure functionality of SOLIDWORKS eDrawings extensively, that is the way we communicate our mechanical designs to our customers.

Mike Baljak, Mechanical Designer, Automation Tooling Systems


ATS SuperTrak

ATS improved quality and eliminated drafting and drawing errors using SOLIDWORKS® software to design the SuperTrak™.

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