Eastern Power Limited

Energy, Process & Plant Industry

Using SOLIDWORKS, Eastern Power developed the 73,000-square-foot Greenfield South Power Plant, a 280 MW, natural-gas fired, combined cycle facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

Eastern Power Ltd.

Company: Eastern Power Limited

Location: Toronto, Ontario

URL: www.greenfieldsouth.ca

Industry: Energy, Process & Plant

Previous CAD: AutoCAD

Products used: SOLIDWORKS Premium

The Challenge

Everyone knows that using natural gas to generate electricity is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than burning coal. Because coal is less costly, power companies need to develop innovative technologies that increase the efficiency of natural gas-based generation systems. During the development of the Greenfield South Power Plant in Mississauga, Ontario, Eastern Power Limited utilized combined cycle technology in it's 280 MW, natural gas-fired facility to generate clean electricity improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.



Eastern Power chose SOLIDWORKS Premium software for the Greenfield South project because it was the most flexible and most suitable solution for power plant design. By implementing SOLIDWORKS, the company estimates that it reduced design cycles by 50 percent, cut development costs by 60 percent, decreased design errors by 40 percent, and increased design reuse by 60 percent.



  • Reduced design cycles by 50 percent.
  • Cut development costs by 60 percent.
  • Decreased design errors by 40 percent.
  • Increased design reuse by 60 percent.


SOLIDWORKS was the only solution with integrated design, piping, structural, simulation, and documentation capabilities. We can see, analyze, and document every design detail right in the 3D model and easily coordinate design activities for a complex project without translating data to other tools. 

Orlando Linero, Plant Designer, Eastern Power Limited


Easter Power SolidWorks Plant Design

With SOLIDWORKS software, it was more efficient for Eastern Power designers to lay out, detail, and route piping in 3D

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