How to report a problem

A guide to getting your problem solved

Before you report a problem to us please review the following guidelines to ensure that you receive a timely response to your problem.

  1. What to try before you report a problem or ask us a question
  2. Problem reporting methods
  3. The type of problem related files to send us
  4. How to send us your problem related files


1. What to try before you report a problem or ask us a question

If you need information about SOLIDWORKS then review the SOLIDWORKS References & Guides found on the SOLIDWORKS website. Note that some of the information will require you to log into the customer center.


If you have a question please try the SOLIDWORKS help file. It is very comprehensive and you can carry out a search to try and find the answer you are looking for.


For graphics card or driver problems check the SOLIDWORKS recommended list to see if your graphics card or driver version will cause specific problems. SOLIDWORKS has tested several commonly used graphics adapters and driver combinations


2. Problem reporting methods

You can fill out our convenient online form

Using the form you can:

  • Describe the problem
  • Select the product your are experiencing a problem with
  • Attach a compressed zip file or SOLIDWORKS RX file containing the problem file[s] or use our FTP site to upload larger files over 5mb

You can call our technical services hotline at 1-877-219-6757 Ext. 2

Please be prepared to discuss all of the approaches that you have attempted prior to calling us.


You can send an e-mail using one of the following addresses


3. The type of problem related files to send us
SolidWorks RX

If you are experiencing a problem with SOLIDWORKS then we recommend that you use SOLIDWORKS Rx to capture the problem and bundle the files, please review our Diagnostic & Problem Capture with SOLIDWORKS Rx instructions page.


Capture a screenshot of the problem. Select the Print Screen (PrtSc) button on your keyboard and paste the image into Microsoft Paint or another image editing tool and save the image as a JPG file.


Describe the problem with a Microsoft Word document. An easy method of capturing a problem is to describe the steps to repeat the problem in a document and include screen shots. You can print the screen using the method described above and paste the images into your document.


4. How to send your problem related files

We recommend that you use Winzip to compress the problem file[s]


For files under 5mb in size you can attach the files in either the e-mail you send to us or the problem reporting form described in Step 2 above.


For files OVER 5mb upload the file[s] to our FTP site. Note that it is important that you inform us when the upload is complete