What Windows Operating Systems will be supported by SOLIDWORKS 2014?

*** IMPORTANT *** SOLIDWORKS 2014 will NOT INSTALL on computers using Windows XP or Windows Vista 
The following operating systems are supported by SOLIDWORKS 2014:

  • Windows 8 64-bit only
  • Windows 7 32-bit (1)
  • Windows 7 64-bit   

SOLIDWORKS 2014 is the last version to be supported on a 32-bit operating system. SOLIDWORKS 2015 will be only 64-bit.

*SOLIDWORKS is not supported on Apple Macintosh®-based machines.
Novell networks and non-Windows based network storage devices are not tested or recommended.
*Virtual environments are not certified to run SOLIDWORKS.
*Windows Home Editions are not supported.

Please see the SOLIDWORKS System Requirements for additional information:


What should I do before I upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2014?

  • Update your Video Card to a SOLIDWORKS Certified Driver. SOLIDWORKS recommends the use of certified graphics cards and systems. A certified graphics card or system is tested to a higher standard and is supported by the vendor. A listing of the latest Certified Drives may be found at the link:
  • Please note, if you are running a BOXX, DELL, HP, Fujitsu, IBM, Lenovo, Seneca Data, or Sun Microsystems workstation, be sure to select them when making your video card vendor selection even if your video card in your system is from NVidia or ATI. 
  • Check System Requirements to ensure successful installation and optimum performance, verify that your system complies with the requirements:
  • LOCAL Administrative rights are necessary on the local system in order to perform SOLIDWORKS installations or upgrades with minimal complications. System DLLs and drivers are updated which require administrative privileges. The necessary permissions will have to be obtained to ensure a successful installation of SOLIDWORKS. Windows Power User status is sufficient when using SOLIDWORKS as only read and execute permissions are required to run SOLIDWORKS.
  • Disable any anti-virus or anti-spyware applications that you may have running.  This step must include terminating any anti-virus or anti-spyware services that are running. Certain anti-virus application do not allow for system resources to be updated if they are in use.  For a list of anti-virus products that SOLIDWORKS has tested for compatibility with installing SOLIDWORKS, please see
  • *** IMPORTANT *** If you are not using a PDM product that retains all your previous versions, i.e. Enterprise PDM, than its recommended to save or backup active projects, including all associated parts, assemblies, and drawings, in your current version prior to upgrade. We recommend the creation of a backup copy of your SOLIDWORKS Data, i.e. Toolbox. Once the files are converted and saved in SOLIDWORKS 2014, these files can only be opened in SOLIDWORKS 2013 SP5 with limited functionality.  This new functionality has been introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2013 and referred to as Previous Release Interoperability.  For more information, please see
  • Backup all of your custom document templates, sheet formats, or design library items from previous releases before installing SOLIDWORKS 2014.


Can I have more than one version of SOLIDWORKS installed on my system at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS on the same system.  During install, specify separate paths for the install directory and the Toolbox directory. Please be aware that SOLIDWORKS does not fully support backward compatibility (only Previous Release Interoperability between SOLIDWORKS 2014 and SOLIDWORKS 2013 SP5).
To ensure complete separation between installations, follow the instructions on this blog post:


I want to learn all the new SOLIDWORKS 2014 features.  What can I do?

There are a few things you can do:

  • Visit the SOLIDWORKS 2014 Launch Site here,, for overviews of some of the new features.
  • Review the “What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2014” PDF manual that can be found in SOLIDWORKS, under the Help menu, pick What’s New.
  • Usually early October, Javelin hosts a number of in-person events at various venues around the country where our technical staff demonstrate and show most of the new features and functionality.


Will SOLIDWORKS 2014 files open in SOLIDWORKS 2013?

Starting in SOLIDWORKS 2013, Previous Release Interoperability is available for the last service pack of the previous release.  Therefore SOLIDWORKS 2012 SP5 can open 2013 files with limited functionality, and SOLIDWORKS 2013 SP5 can open 2014 files with limited functionality.  Please read the Help files regarding the available functionality:
Any release prior to SOLIDWORKS 2013 SP5 will not be able to open SOLIDWORKS 2014 files.  Files will need to be exported as a neutral file format (such as Parasolid) and imported into the previous version.  Note that all feature data will be lost.


Can I run any third party add-in or custom program with SOLIDWORKS 2014?

  • SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner companies have 30 days from the release of SOLIDWORKS 2014 to support the latest version. Check with the Gold Partner that their add-in product is compatible before upgrading. Click here for Gold Partner product details and select the checkbox “Show Certified GOLD Partner Products Only”
  • Support Partner (Non-Gold) companies support the latest release on their own schedule. Check with the Solution Partner that their add-in product is compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2014 before upgrading. Click here for Solution Partner product details
  • Custom programs/add-ins should be checked to ensure they are compatible with the latest release.


Stand-alone Licensing

Do I need to obtain a new registration code to install SOLIDWORKS 2014?

Registration of SOLIDWORKS 2014 will be handled automatically through online Product Activation.


What is Product Activation?

Product activation is a secure, hassle-free process that authenticates licensed users during the installation process. For more information regarding product activation please refer to the SOLIDWORKS Activation FAQ:'s-Activation.html


I do not have internet or e-mail access on my SOLIDWORKS workstation, how will I activate my product?

Activation requires that you have Internet or email access. After activation, you do not need to be online to use the products. If you do not have email access on the computer where you use SOLIDWORKS, you can choose the Manual method to save the activation file and email it from another computer that has email access.  Instructions will be provided during the activation process including the email address to send it to.  The server that receives the activation email will automatically process it and return an authorization file within minutes.  Upon receipt of this activation file, you simply return it back to your workstation and read it into the Activation Manager.  If you have any activation problems, please contact Javelin’s Support Help Desk immediately.


SolidNetwork Licensing (SNL) - FLOATING

How is network (floating) licensing handled in SOLIDWORKS 2014?

It is the same as the new system that was introduced with SOLIDWORKS 2010.  SOLIDWORKS 2014 has a unified approach to network licensing:


Can SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, Composer and/or Plastics products run from one license manager tool?

Yes, users are able to manage SOLIDWORKS, Simulation and Composer licenses using one utility.  During installation, you can enter multiple serial numbers separated by commas.  To access the SOLIDWORKS network license manager, go to the Windows Start menu, All Programs, SOLIDWORKS 2014, SOLIDWORKS Tools, then select the SolidNetwork License Manager as illustrated below.


What is the “License Order” tab in the Network License Administrator?

The License Order tab allows a manager or CAD Administrator to change the order of product taken from the server if multiple levels of SOLIDWORKS Simulation products are available on the network (e.g. SW Premium, SW Simulation, SW Simulation Pro, SW Simulation Premium).  If you need access to Simulation Pro level studies and also use SOLIDWORKS Premium, then Simulation Pro must be listed ahead of SW Premium, otherwise only static studies will be available.


I have different SOLIDWORKS Simulation products, which Serial Number do I use when installing SOLIDWORKS?

If multiple SOLIDWORKS products are to be used (e.g. SW Standard and SW Simulation Premium), enter the serial numbers separated by a comma. 


What else should I know about the 2014 SolidNetwork License Manager?

  • The list of product licenses available to borrow shows only what has been purchased and is available in the SolidNetwork License Manager.
  • Borrowing a SOLIDWORKS package license automatically borrows the pre-requisite
  • SOLIDWORKS Standard license.
  • You can upgrade the SolidNetwork License Manager to a new version using SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, rather than removing the previous version and then installing the new one.


Can I use a remote desktop application to install and activate the License Manager on a server?

No. A remote desktop application causes a change to the Computer ID of the server during activation. This may cause a mismatch of the ID at the SOLIDWORKS Activation Centre.  An Activation Exceeded Count error may occur and the activation will fail. Please contact your SOLIDWORKS Technical Support Help Desk if this has occurred.  More information can be found at:


Standalone License:

To activate a license:

  1. Start the application and add-on required (i.e. Simulation).
  2. If you have not yet activated your license, the Product Activation dialog box appears.
  3. Choose the Automatic or Manual option.
  4. Supply your email address.
  5. Obtain the activation online or by email:
    Online - Submit the request.
    Email - Click Save to create a file, and then send the file to from another computer that has email access. When you receive the response file, typically within minutes of the initial submission, run the activation procedure again and click Open to load the response file.
  6. The Activation/Reactivate Succeeded dialog box displays the products that have been activated.

If you experience any difficulty with product activation, please contact us at


Network Licensing:

  • A license file is not required when upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2014.  The Network Licenses are obtained through Activation.
  • Via the Installation Manager, download and install the SNL Administrator. During the installation of the SNL Administrator, the user will be prompted to enter a SOLIDWORKS SNL Serial Number.  This number may already be populated assuming the Installation Manager was used on that same machine to obtain the installation files.  If the serial number field is not populated, then type in the 24-character SNL Serial Number before clicking “Next” to continue through the rest of the install.
  • You can update SolidNetwork License Manager to a new version using SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, rather than removing the previous version and then installing the new one.
  • After the installation is finished launch the SolidNetwork License Administrator that was installed at Step 1.
  • Reply “Yes” to the question “Would you like to activate now?”
  • Proceed through the following screens to complete the activation process.

Please visit our 2014 SolidNetwork Licensing FAQ for more information



What's the recommended installation procedure, to upgrade or to perform a new installation?

Both installation methods are supported. Updating your SOLIDWORKS installation is likely the most straight-forward approach if users no longer require the prior version still on their system.


I have a version of SOLIDWORKS that is two releases old. Do I need to do an intermediate step to upgrade to the latest release?

It is best to uninstall the current version of the software.  Then install the latest version using the DVD or downloaded installation. For detailed instructions on how to uninstall SOLIDWORKS please review the following PDF file:


What is the SOLIDWORKS 2014 Installation Manager?

Each release of SOLIDWORKS has its own Installation Manager.  It is a standalone application that can download/update/upgrade/install/modify/repair all your SOLIDWORKS products.  It can be used to create and manage administrative images and standalone installs all within the same user interface.


How does the SOLIDWORKS 2014 Installation Manager work?

The SOLIDWORKS 2014 Installation Manager uses Windows Installer and installs all products silently passing the required parameters to the installations.  You can specify only one file location for the installation; this location will be used as the root folder for the installation of all products.  The major advantage of using the Installation Manager is that it keeps all Products under the same folder in the Startup program list as well as creating one listing in Programs and Features in the Control Panel (listed as SOLIDWORKS 2014)


Can the 2014 License Manager (SNL) support prior versions of SOLIDWORKS?

The 2014 License Manager will support earlier versions of the software back through SOLIDWORKS 2008.   For more information, please visit our SolidNetwork Licensing FAQ area.


Where can I find more information about SNL installations?

You can visit the link below, under Licensing & Administration:


What if I am upgrading and have Toolbox installed in a shared environment?

When the toolbox files are located on a server location and not on the local machine, upgrading the client SOLIDWORKS installation will not update the toolbox.  The preferred procedure is to copy the toolbox files to a local machine, point the toolbox options to the local folder, then run a repair of the installation.
Please review the following post for detailed instructions (applies to SOLIDWORKS 2014 as well):


What should I do with my SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM vault if I want to test SOLIDWORKS 2014 while running SOLIDWORKS 2013?

For testing PDMWorks Workgroup with a new version of SOLIDWORKS:

  • Backup your existing vault.
  • Upgrade the existing Workgroup PDM 2013 Server to Workgroup PDM 2014.
  • If the user needs to return to 2013, uninstall 2014, retrieve the backup and re-install the PDMWorks Workgroup Server 2013.


Can SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2014 run with SOLIDWORKS 2013?

No, SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2014 will only run on SOLIDWORKS 2014.


Where can I find more information about installations?

For more information on installation related questions, go to: