PropertyLinks Custom Property Management

Data Management Instructor Led Training Course

This training course will teach you how to install, use and administrate PropertyLinks, the complete custom property management solution. You will also learn how to utilize the drawing templates included with PropertyLinks or customize your own templates to incorporate the custom property data.

Note: This course is also available as LIVE Web Training for learning how to use the PropertyLinks Client and the PropertyLinks Administration tool


Course details and prerequisites:

Duration: 1 Day
Type: Instructor Led
Level: Basic/Intermediate
Prerequisites: Experience with SOLIDWORKS

After the training you will be able to:
  • Administer PropertyLinks
  • Create and define custom properties
  • Create new drawing and BOM templates for PropertyLinks


Customer comments about this training course

"An excellent course to promote efficiencies through process standardization."

Frank Kowal, RYKA Molds Inc.


Course Outline


  • Introduction to the application
  • File properties overview
  • Summary properties overview
  • Custom properties overview

PropertyLinks Administration

  • Menus
  • Options
  • Administration process
  • Using the property wizard
  • Default properties
  • Adding custom properties
  • Types of data
  • Editing
  • Sharing properties over a network
  • Part numbering
  • Integration with SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM

PropertyLinks Client

  • Activating the application
  • Loading property data files
  • Review default properties/pages
  • Configuration specific properties
  • Submitting data to SOLIDWORKS
  • Part numbering generation
  • Copy and pasting properties

PropertyLinks Templates

  • Using default drawing templates
  • Creating new drawing templates
  • Using default BOM templates
  • Creating new BOM templates
  • Exporting templates
  • SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM and drawing templates
  • Revision tables


  • Administration installation procedure
  • Client installation procedure
  • Registering PropertyLinks