Instructor Led Analysis Training Course

Designed to help you become productive quickly with SOLIDWORKS Motion. This course will teach you how to use the SOLIDWORKS Motion to study the kinematics and dynamic behavior of your SOLIDWORKS assembly models. The course provides both essential and advanced sessions on the basics of building, simulating and refining a mechanical design system, from suspension steering system and drive shafts to backhoes, CAMS, Gears, and Actuators.

Who should attend: This course has been designed for new SOLIDWORKS Motion users who would like to learn to perform motion analysis on their designs. The course provides an in-depth session on the basics of building, simulating and refining a mechanical design system.


Course details and prerequisites:

Take In-class: 2 Days
OR Online: 4 Days (4 hours/day)
Type: Instructor Led
Level: Basic to Intermediate


After the training you will be able to:
  • Use SOLIDWORKS Motion to perform
    motion analysis on your designs.
  • Size motors/actuators, determine power consumption, layout linkages, develop cams, understand gear drives, size springs/dampers, and determine how contacting parts behave.


Course Outline


  • Introduction to user interface
  • Constraint mapping concepts
  • Action only forces and moments
  • Action/Reaction forces and moments
  • Motion drivers
  • Building models for kinematic analysis
  • Create displacement, velocity, acceleration and force graphics
  • Translatory and  torsional springs
  • Translatory and  torsional dampers
  • 3D Contact to simulate realistic interaction between parts
  • Impact forces
  • Using Function builder and Expressions to build complex motions and forces
  • Flexible connectors - Bushings

Advanced Topics

  • Kinematic and Dynamic analysis
  • Redundancies - Importance and how to avoid/solve them
  • Export of results to SOLIDWORKS Simulation (stress analysis)