SOLIDWORKS Simulation Advanced Update FEA

Instructor Led Training Course

The focus of this course is towards the advanced functionality within SOLIDWORKS Simulation software including all the features you wish you had known about before, and content from the most recent releases of SOLIDWORKS Simulation

This course is built from the expert knowledge of the most experienced SOLIDWORKS Simulation instructors in North America. This course is not a replacement for the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Linear Static (formerly Essentials), as this course is designed for users that already have an intermediate level of knowledge in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, and for those who did not receive formal training for SOLIDWORKS Simulation since 2012.


Course details and prerequisites:

Take In-class: 2 Days
OR Online: 4 Days (4 hours/day)
Type: Instructor Led
Level: Intermediate


  • Attended SOLIDWORKS Simulation Linear Static Course more than 3 years ago
  • For users who have not received SOLIDWORKS Simulation training recently
  • For users with an intermediate/advanced level of knowledge using other FEA simulation software and/or elementary level of knowledge in SOLIDWORKS FEA
  • For users who have been working with simulation for a long time and wish to enhance their simulation capabilities
After the training you will be able to:
  • Master the core functionality within SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation
  • Develop a deeper understanding of and take advantage of the latest tools and super-efficient techniques in SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation.
  • Perform in-depth optimization study as well as buckling and fatigue analysis to safely design your products in the most optimum way.
  • Speed up your simulation run-time; know how to troubleshoot your simulation in both pre- and post-processing steps using best practices


NOTE: for beginners with SOLIDWORKS Simulation, we recommend the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Linear Static course


Course Topics

  • Most efficient ways of meshing and troubleshooting with mesh failure.
  • What’s new in SOLIDWORKS Simulation pre- and post-processing.
  • How to track down singularity and the best practices to get rid of it.
  • Review the advanced and automated meshing techniques.
  • How to simplify a model to obtain faster and accurate results.
  • Combination of various load cases in a model.
  • How to isolate a specific area of a larger structure and simulate it in greater detail.
  • In-depth review on performing frequency, buckling and fatigue analysis.
  • Structural Optimization analysis during design.
  • Review the Simulation Tips & Tricks and Best Practices for Meshing and Solvers.