Aerospace Industry

SOLIDWORKS Learning Path for obtaining industry skills

When obtaining training from Javelin Technologies, we ensure you get the training that is right for you.  The information below lists the courses that we recommend in order for you to get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS products and obtain the skills required for the Aerospace industry.

SUMMARY: 8 Courses, 18 Days Training

LEVEL 1 - Core Training 8 Days
Course Description Duration
SOLIDWORKS Essentials Learn how to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, and create production drawings of your models 4 Days
SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling Learn how to use multibody solids, sweeping and lofting features, and the more advanced shaping capabilities of SOLIDWORKS. 2 Days
GD&T Fundamentals This course is designed to help you better understand and interpret the fundamentals of GD&T. It is based on the ASME Y14.5 – 2009 standard. Formally the ASME Y14.5M - 1994 standard. 2 Days
LEVEL 2 - Advanced Training 6 Days
Course Description Duration
SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Learn how to build standalone sheet metal parts, convert parts to sheet metal, and create parts in the context of an assembly. 2 Days
SOLIDWORKS Weldments Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS to create welded structures with standard structural members. Weld beads are also covered. 1 Day
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Linear Static Learn how to become more productive with SOLIDWORKS Simulation software. The course offers a comprehensive hands-on training on the applications of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. 3 Days
LEVEL 3 - Expert Training 4 Days
Course Description Duration
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Provides an in-depth session on the basics of turbulent fluid flow analysis, in addition to covering meshing concerns, modeling concerns, analysis, post-processing, available options and preferences. 2 Days
SOLIDWORKS Motion This course will teach you how to use the SOLIDWORKS Motion to study the kinematics and dynamic behavior of your SOLIDWORKS assembly models 2 Days
LEVEL 4 - Continued Learning and Reference MaterialOngoing
Product Description Duration
Javelin Online Live Training (JOLT) Learn more about SOLIDWORKS with our live online training Varies