Javelin SOLIDWORKS Training Passport

9 SOLIDWORKS Courses, in 1 year.
You save CA$5,400.00

Become a SOLIDWORKS Expert with 18 days of training at a special discounted price. Acquire in-depth knowledge with our most cost-effective package.

Included with the passport:

Course Duration
SOLIDWORKS Essentials* 4 days
OR SOLIDWORKS Advanced Update 3 days
SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling* 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling* 3 days
SOLIDWORKS Drawings* 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Weldments 1 day
SOLIDWORKS Surfacing 2 days
Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Essentials 1 day

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*Recommended training for CSWP preparation
**Available as live on-line only

NOTE for JOLT courses: Training manuals are only provided upon course registration and will be shipped out prior to course start date.
NOTE for classroom courses: Training manuals are provided during the first day of class.

Training Passport

Training Passport FAQs

Can I upgrade to a Training Passport if I have previously attended a training class?

Yes, you can upgrade within 30 days of taking a training class with a significant discount.

How do I register for a class after I have purchased a passport?

To select the course you to wish to attend visit the Javelin on-line schedule at http://www.javelin-tech.com/main/training/schedule.htm. Email training@javelin-tech.com with your scheduling request.

As a Passport owner do I have higher priority in getting into a class than a student who does not have one?

Passport owners will only be eligible to enroll in classes that have available space. In the case of full classes, participants in this program will be given highest priority on the waiting list. Spaces may become available in the event of cancellations. 

Which training facilities can I attend using the Annual Training Passport?

Passport owners can attend in regularly scheduled open-enrolment courses offered in any of our regularly scheduled cities or over Javelin Online Live Training. Please note some classes may only be available at specific locations. Some advanced topic courses may only run once or twice a year in some areas. Travel may be required.

I am in class this week and I just found out about the Annual Training Passport. Can I use the funds that I paid for the class towards the passport and pay the difference?

Yes, your training can be upgraded to a Passport. Contact the Training Department or our Account Manager for options.

My previous employer purchased a passport for me. Can I continue to use the passport under my new organization?

No. Passports can only be used under the organization that purchased them. 

I want to attend a JOLT (Javelin Online Live Training) class, can this be done?

Yes. JOLT training is included.

Mike Rudnicki, President, Rudnicki Industrial
Training has significantly increased my knowledge of the software, and working with Javelin has been an awesome experience.

Mike Rudnicki, President, Rudnicki Industrial Inc.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please note some courses are available only on-line or in specific locations.
  • Training manuals are supplied only upon course enrollment.
  • The passport does not apply to one-on-one, or on-site private training.
  • Registering for a course and cancelling late will result in the regular cancellation fee being charged.
  • The Annual Passport cannot be combined with any other special offer and is non-transferable.