Little Known Tools You Already Own on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Engineering Changes (UES)

Collaborative Industry Innovator is a prerequisite role on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform that allows users to share and collaborate their design ideas. Regardless of your role, there are critical functions that all users may execute.

Watch the on-demand video as TriMech Solutions Consultant, Wayne White, and Technical Manager, Matt Kokowski reviews the 3DEXPERIENCE tools that help streamline your ability to identify and track changes and formalize your approval processes. This platform offers several applications that enable users to create, track, and monitor changes. These apps, when used in parallel, offer a seamless workflow in tracking and identifying items that need modifications.

Featured in this 3DEXPERIENCE on-demand webinar

In this on-demand webinar, Matt covers:

  • Tagging an object with an issue with the Issue Management tool
  • Change Action app helps identify items that need changes
  • How to use Route Management for a standard approval process
  • Predicted electronic approval process

About The Presenter & Panelist

Matt Kokoski – Technical Manager – 3DEXPERIENCE

Matt has 20+ years as a SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer helping, training and supporting customers in a wide range of industries. He has experience designing in the automotive and agricultural machinery markets. He is a CSWE, Elite Application Engineer and Technical Manager for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Alissa Podgorny – 3DEXPERIENCE & DELMIAWorks Sales Specialist

Alissa has been with TriMech since 2019 and is our 3DEXPERIENCE & DELMIAWorks Sales Specialist. Before joining the TriMech team, Alissa worked in sales in many different fields and was the business development manager for a corporate lodging service. She also owned a small furniture store where she assembled, displayed and sold discount furniture and was a franchise owner of a paint and sip art studio.



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