The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform provides users with a browser-based design app called xDesign, which shares many similarities with SOLIDWORKS Desktop in workflow but has some notable differences.

This on-demand webinar helps to highlight the differences with the Fillet command in 3DEXPERIENCE vs SOLIDWORKS, as well as providing new xDesign users a few tips and tricks about their new tool.

Because of xDesign’s browser based nature it has slightly reduced capabilities when compared to traditional SOLIDWORKS, however the filleting options that it does have are robust and easy to apply. Most 3D modeling tasks will not need the advanced options that SOLIDWORKS Desktop offers, and users benefit from an easier decision-making process due to reduced options.

Join us on Tuesday, February 23, 2023, at 10:00 AM ET, as TriMech Solutions Consultant, Jake Ifft, discusses how 3DEXPERIENCE xDesign fillet command differs from the traditional SOLIDWORKS you might be used to using. We’ll discuss the key differences between the two and touch on the benefits of each to help understand the different offerings. Additionally, we’ll walk through the process of creating fillets inside of 3DEXPERIENCE xDesign to show just how familiar it will feel.

During this 3DEXPERIENCE vs SOLIDWORKS Webinar you will learn:

  • Less advanced fillet options in xDesign Fillet tool but easier to use
  • Multiple edge selection toolbar differences
  • Understand the differences between applying Fillets in xDesign vs SOLIDWORKS

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Jake Ifft – Solutions Consultant

Jake Ifft is a Process and Training Consultant with TriMech since the beginning of 2022. Before that he was a design engineer for various industries for over 10 years. Jake has used SOLIDWORKS products to design gantry robots, water hydraulic systems, supercritical CO2 extraction systems, and even renderings for an outdoor furnishing company. Now he enjoys training other engineers how to be more efficient and creative with the tools they have.

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