4 Best in Class Innovative Practices from Javelin Technologies

Story by Guest Contributor on December 6, 2018

On November 13th TechPlace and Haltech teamed up for the Innovation in Action Tour. The first stop of the day was Javelin Technologies.

Javelin (which merged with Cimetrix Solutions earlier this year) is a veteran in 3D design engineering, product data management, automation, and additive manufacturing (industrial 3D printing) in plastic and metal, along with laser scanning and post processing. Their “aim high” philosophy boosts service to their 6,000 customers who drive innovation in every sector of the Canadian economy.

During the visit, John Brown, Director of Sales for Additive Solutions, gave an engaging and insightful presentation on how Javelin innovates. We pulled together the top 4 tips for you to implement in your business.

John Brown presenting at Innovation in Action

John Brown presenting at Innovation in Action

1. Customers are key:

This might seem like a no-brainier, but so many businesses miss the mark. Javelin seeks to understand and prioritize not only where their customers are now, but also where they would like to be and why.

2. Employees are key:

Corporate culture is a fundamental part of having a successful innovative business. Javelin focuses on HR-driven initiatives, including regular management and staff lunches to build internal relationships and gain deeper insights. They also use TINYpulse software to continually collect ideas and feedback from employees.

3. Execution:

Companies need to ensure that execution is just as important as the big idea. Javelin reviews all their execution plans and ensures they have allotted adequate budget, have a game plan for rollout, and that all tasks are designated to team members who own the action plan.

4. Focus, feedback, and communication (internal and external):

Communication is critical! Javelin always makes sure everyone – staff and customers – is aware of what is going to happen and what is not. They celebrate success and discuss obstacles they experienced. As John Brown said during the tour, “Innovation means communicating what you are going to do, and what you aren’t.”

Innovation in Action tour 3D Printing Lab

Innovation in Action tour 3D Printing Lab

Javelin serves diverse markets – from heavy manufacturing to medical, and agriculture to architecture. What remains at the core is Javelin’s commitment to continually search for and recognize new solutions that will be valuable to customers, so that they can adopt innovative solutions and have success.

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