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Advanced SOLIDWORKS Simulation Promotion

This month, we are offering big discounts on high-end, advanced SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions. You can save up to 25% on SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Plastics and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for full details.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation gives product engineers access to powerful CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis capabilities that help enable them to speed up product innovation. Leveraging the familiar SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment, this extensive technology isn’t just about making sure your product works, it’s about understanding how your product will behave in the real world.

Evaluate and optimize complex flows

SOLIDWORKS CFD analysis for liquid flow, gas flow, or heat transfer can help you deliver innovative designs and greater product efficiency. Typical problems solved include:

  • Examine complex flows through and around your components with parametric analysis.
  • Align your model with flow conditions, such as pressure drop, to satisfy design goals.
  • Detect turbulences and recirculation issues with animated flow trajectories.
  • Aerodynamic simulation to calculate lift and drag forces.
  • Understand the flow of non-Newtonian liquids, such as blood and liquid plastic.
  • Assess the impact of different impellers and fans on your design.
  • Include sophisticated effects like porosity, cavitation, and humidity.

Reduce the risk of overheating in your designs

Easily investigate the impact of cooling and design changes on component temperatures using thermal fluid analysis in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. You can quickly determine the impact of fluids flowing in and around the design to ensure correct thermal performance, product quality, and safety.

  • Visualize and understand temperature distribution in and around your products.
  • Couple flow with thermal analysis, simulating convection, conduction, and radiation effects.
  • Simulate advanced radiation with semitransparent material and wavelength-dependent radiative properties with the HVAC module.
  • Apply time- and coordinate-dependent boundary conditions and heat sources.
  • Find the best dimensions to satisfy your design goals, such as heat exchanger efficiency.
  • Get thermal heat sources and PCB layer definition from EDA thermal properties.


SOLIDWORKS® Plastics makes it easy for companies that design plastic parts or injection molds to predict and avoid manufacturing defects during the earliest stages of design, eliminating costly rework, improving quality, and accelerating time-to-market.

Intuitive workflow and design advice

SOLIDWORKS Plastics works directly on your 3D model, avoiding translation issues. You see the impact of design changes right away. Powerful and fast state-of-the-art meshing covers geometries from thin-walled parts to very thick and solid parts.

An intuitive interface leads you step by step. Guided analysis, intelligent defaults, and automated processes ensure correct setup, even if you rarely use simulation tools. The SOLIDWORKS Plastics material database contains thousands of commercial plastics and is fully customizable.

Part designers get rapid feedback on how modifications to wall thickness, gate locations, materials, or geometry can effect the manufacturing of their part, while mold designers can quickly optimize multicavity and family mold layouts and feed systems—including sprues, runners, and gates.

The cost of change

While the cost of making changes is low in the early stages of product development, the impact is highest. The sooner you can optimize your plastic parts and injection molds for manufacturability, the better.

The challenge in plastics part production is determining how your part or mold design impacts manufacturing and how manufacturing will impact your design, and then communicating that information early and often throughout the design-to-manufacturing process.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics gives you the tools to quickly identify potential problems so you can make changes early in the design process.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium is known as “The comprehensive simulation solution.” It includes all of the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, plus additional features like composite materials and powerful analysis tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic response.

Analyze your design in the nonlinear world

Nonlinear stress analysis calculates the stresses and deformations of products under the most general loading and material conditions for dynamic (time dependent) loads, large component deformations, and nonlinear materials, such as rubber or metals, beyond their yield point:

  • Easily transition between linear and nonlinear simulations for comprehensive evaluation.
  • Examine deformations caused by overloads, contact (including self-contact), and flexible materials.
  • Determine residual stresses and permanent deformations in metals after material yield.
  • Study nonlinear buckling and snap-through events.
  • Investigate designs with hyperelastic materials, such as rubberssilicones and other elastomers.
  • Conduct an elasto-plastic analysis to study plastic deformation and the onset of yield.
  • Examine creep effects and material changes with temperature.
  • Test the performance of your molded plastic part taking into account in-mold residual stresses and temperature with SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

Perform dynamic analyses of parts and assemblies

Dynamic analysis using SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium enables designers and engineers to quickly and efficiently determine the impact of time varying loads on the structural response of their product design to ensure performance, quality, and safety.

Dynamic analysis can incorporate frequency, impact, and drop tests. The primary unknown in a dynamic analysis is component displacement over time, but with this calculated, stresses, velocities, and accelerations can also be determined together with the natural modes of vibration:

  • Simulate time history, steady-state harmonicresponse spectrum, and random vibration excitations.
  • Study stressdisplacementvelocity, and acceleration variations with time, as well as RMS and PSD values.
  • Carry out impact analysis using nonlinear dynamic capabilities.
  • Determine the durability of a product submitted to vibrations with fatigue analysis.

Simulate composite materials

Quickly understand complex component responses with analysis of composite parts using SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium. You can then optimize material selection and the number and orientation of the composite ply layup to ensure product quality, performance, and factor of safety (FoS).

Easily analyze symmetrical and unsymmetrical composite layups, as well as composite sandwiches. Each layer can be defined by a unique set of material properties and orientation, giving the designer maximum control to find the optimum layup and material for maximum product performance.

  • Study multilayer composite components to examine the effects of layer material, thickness, and orientation on product performance.
  • Use the revolutionary user interface to dynamically control and display ply orientation.
  • Determine the correct composite lay-up and orientation for operational loads.

Offloaded Simulation allows you to solve your SOLIDWORKS Studies on another computer

Introduced in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium 2017, SOLIDWORKS Offloaded Simulation allows you to solve a study on another computer to free up resources on your machine for parallel tasks.

The equation solving tasks (not meshing) are run on another computer connected on the same network domain. Solving tasks are run purely on the second computer and not shared between computers (i.e. not cluster computing).  But this allows you to continue working on your machine without using resources for solving.


Advanced SOLIDWORKS Simulation Promotion

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