APG uses metal 3D printing to reduce costs and lead time

A leading international provider of metal parts, APG (Alpha Precision Group) was formed in 2016 through the merger of several companies with more than half a century of experience in the powder metallurgy industry.

Based in Pennsylvania, the company today specializes in press and sinter and metal injection molding (MIM) manufacturing of components for the automotive, aerospace, defense and consumer markets.

The challenge

APG is faced with many challenges ranging from competition for limited machine shop resources to long lead times and high costs of outsourcing. All these challenges come down to one thing – speed. In order to win jobs, they must respond to bids quickly and create tools for that specific job as quickly as possible.

Desktop Metal 3D printing solution

Using metal 3D printing, APG engineers can significantly speed up the design and manufacture of jigs, fixtures and tooling – printing parts in a matter of days and deploying them on the manufacturing floor in less than a week.

Download the full case study e-book to learn:
  • How APG implemented additive manufacturing into their process
  • In depth look at the benefits of additive manufacturing
  • How the new technology added new business opportunities
  • Why they chose the Desktop Metal Studio System
  • ROI examples of specific 3D printed parts

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