Canadian Evolve Design Solutions speed-up 3D CAD modeling of parts, assembly and 2D documentation

Ottawa based Evolve Design Solutions are an industrial design and product design consulting firm with manufacturing and plastics expertise.

Evolve Design Solutions specializes in world-class product development services and is committed to helping industry leaders enhance their global market position. The company has successfully developed products with varied manufacturing processes for the electronics, appliances, telecom, consumer, medical, sporting goods and industrial markets.

Professional memberships include: SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers), SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America). Evolve supports The Designers Accord. Clients currently located across Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe.

Evolve Design Solutions Italia MITO Office Seating

Italia MITO Office Seating


  • Implement a complete, powerful and easy to use 3D & 2D CAD tool solution.
  • Improve 3D CAD surfacing capabilities for high end ID surfacing capture.
  • Speed-up 3D CAD modeling of parts, assembly and 2D documentation.
  • Streamline visualization and communication between design team, clients and suppliers.
Unitron Hearing Smart Remote

Unitron Hearing Smart Remote


Having worked with various 3D CAD packages in the past including AutoCAD, CADKEY, Pro/ENGINEER and SOLIDWORKS, Evolve Design Solutions selected SOLIDWORKS Professional.  Purchasing decision was based on the software’s functionality, ease of use, seamless integration with PhotoView 360, and SOLIDWORKS Simulation, as well as excellent Value Added Reseller (VAR) support service provided by Javelin Technologies.

“Evolve Design Solutions appreciates the excellent customer service, product knowledge and technical support provided by Javelin Technologies, our SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller (VAR).”
— Aldo Balatti, Principal, Evolve Design Solutions


  • Required minimal training to learn/master powerful 3D CAD tools.
  • Provided very good 3D CAD surfacing capabilities for high-end industrial design surfacing.
  • Facilitated powerful and seamless integration of photo-realistic rendering and SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress FEA (included in SOLIDWORKS Professional).
  • Quickly created various design concepts and iterations.
  • Increased productivity and reduced design time by approximately 20% to 30%.
  • Utilized software’s interference detection and collision detection capabilities to improve overall product quality.
  • Facilitated better communication with design team, clients and suppliers using SOLIDWORKS eDrawings (included in SOLIDWORKS Professional Package).
  • Improved product validation process with use of 3D on-screen virtual prototyping and occasionally eliminated 3D physical prototyping.
  • Enhanced product visualization and communication using PhotoView 360 Photorealistic Renderings (SOLIDWORKS Professional Package).
  • Ability to consistently provide clients with better design solutions, more design iterations as well as explore further design possibilities (compared to same time frame with other CAD systems).
  • Continuously deliver better and faster service to clients at a lower cost.