Canadian SOLIDWORKS Support as important as software for CT Logics

At CT Logics Inc., an oilfield equipment manufacturer based in Edmonton, Alberta, a handful of engineers designs custom coiled tubing equipment for both land and offshore drilling applications. There’s nothing off the shelf at CTL – each project is designed to meet specific customer needs.

Downtime is detrimental to any operation, and that’s especially true when a small team is responsible for a big job.

CT Logics Coiled Tubing Reel and Control Cabin

CT Logics Coiled Tubing Reel and Control Cabin

“We need to do what we need to do quickly,” says David Crick, Lead Engineer for CTL. “The efficiency of the engineering team directly affects the business as a whole.”

It’s why they rely on SOLIDWORKS software and choose reseller Javelin Technologies for Canadian SOLIDWORKS Support. CTL’s engineers are heavy users of both SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software and SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM). PDM helps them keep their design data under control and collaborate easily.

When it comes to supporting these products, David says they choose the SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service offered by Javelin Technologies, particularly because of Javelin’s unique expertise in PDM.

“Good support is really important to us when we get new releases of PDM,” he says. “We get help over the phone or give remote access to the tech people so they can take over our screen and walk us through the process. We want the latest and greatest here, and we need support so it all runs smoothly.”

CT Logics Coiled Tubing Injector

CT Logics Coiled Tubing Injector

David also appreciates having Javelin representatives right in Edmonton. “They can come out and help us and they have information sessions we can attend in person.”

Faster response time

CT Logics is a long-time customer of Javelin Technologies but they have experienced tech support services elsewhere. Today they choose Javelin because Javelin’s response time is faster and meets their needs.

“We can’t get bogged down in questions about the software,” David says. “If we open a file, and all the bolts are missing, we have to find out why quickly. Javelin will help us find the right setting to change or help us locate a misplaced file. It would take too long to figure that out on our own.”

David using Canadian SOLIDWORKS Support

David using Canadian SOLIDWORKS Support

Being in the oil and gas sector in Alberta has presented obvious challenges for CT Logics and an essential shift into new product areas. David says SOLIDWORKS allows his team to switch from the usual projects to new product development.

“We’re transferring the skills we developed working in oil and gas over to working on wind power projects. SOLIDWORKS is general purpose software so there’s no need for us to learn something new.”

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