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Sentinel Capital Partners TriMech Business Solutions

Sentinel Capital Partners Recapitalizes TriMech

Sentinel Capital Partners, a private equity firm, announced today the recapitalization of TriMech, a provider of 3D software and additive manufacturing solutions

Additive manufacturing tooling

TriMech Panel: Emerging Trends in 3D Engineering

TriMech’s key Manufacturing Solutions Consultants, Rich Annino, Conner Janeteas and Ricky Shannon, will approach the subject on how we envision the role of 3D printing, part design, and 3D scanning tools in the near future.

PostProcess VORSA 500

VORSA 500 Support Removal

The PostProcess VORSA 500 in the fastest automated solution for production FDM 3D Printing support material removal and post processing

InterPRO Team

TriMech Acquires InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group

TriMech Expands Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping Services. RICHMOND, Va. — December 2, 2021 — TriMech, strategic technology partner to engineers and manufacturers across North America, announced today it has acquired InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group….

Strtasys ProBleacher Photobleaching

Stratasys ProBleacher

Get the most out of your PolyJet 3D printed transparent materials with the Stratasys ProBleacher photobleaching machine for printed parts.

Sierra Space Corporation

Sierra Space uses FDM technology to create the right tool

Space is an unforgiving place. Temperature extremes, radiation, and orbital debris stand ready to cause havoc with any ill-prepared spacecraft. Ever since humans first ventured beyond Earth’s protective atmosphere, the vehicles used to get there…