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Designing and 3D printing for educationn education

3D technology for education

Complete the form to contact us about receiving a sample 3D printed part. We’ll contact you to determine the type of sample that best suits your needs.

Desktop Metal Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing 2.0 with Desktop Metal

Metal 3D printing has already had profound impacts on prototyping and manufacturing tooling, but with the ability to mass produce highly complex end-use parts, Desktop Metal Additive Manufacturing 2.0 is poised to transform the manufacturing landscape.

F900 installed at ICAMP

Javelin partner ICAMP is northern Ontario’s leader in applied research and 3D printing expertise

As the frontrunner in industrial technology skills and equipment in Northern Ontario, the Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping (ICAMP) is living its vision to help businesses of all sizes bring quality products to…

Carbon Fiber End Effector

3D Print Aerospace-Grade Composites from your Desktop

Learn how the Desktop Metal Fiber™ system transforms the way carbon-fiber reinforced composite parts are produced with a 3D print platform

Desktop Metal System 2

Studio System 2: Metal 3D Printing in Two Steps

Introducing the all new Desktop Metal Studio System 2! Metal 3D printing in two steps: print then sinter.

3D printed car part

Manufacturing Cars of the Future with Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D printing provides manufacturers with the ability to make parts faster, cheaper and more complex than ever before — this is how the cars of tomorrow will be manufactured. In this white paper We’ll…