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Reverse Engineering naval ship components

Using Artec 3D Scanners for reverse engineering naval ship components

In this case study learn how Artec scanners and software provide the perfect solution for reverse engineering and quality control. Koninklijke Marine is a Dutch company responsible for the maintenance of all naval vessels and…

Reverse Engineering furniture

Reverse Engineering Furniture with an Artec 3D Scanner

A furniture manufacturer outsources 3D scanning to Artec to boost productivity, save time and cut costs. MU Form Furniture Design is an Oakland-based company that designs, manufactures and distributes furniture products for the modern home…

Artec 3D Scanner Service

Artec Portable Hand-held 3D Scanner Price List

Get instant access to our Artec 3D Scanner Price list and compare the prices of the Artec Eva, Space Spider, Leo and Ray 3D Scanners.

Artec Ray

Artec Ray

The Artec Ray is a high accuracy long-range laser 3D scanner, ideal for precise capture of large objects such as wind turbines, airplanes, and buildings.

In-house 3D printer operation

Additive Manufacture Solutions

Discover our Additive Manufacturing solutions including Stratasys and Desktop Metal 3D Printers, Post Processing Machines, Artec 3D Scanners, Laser Processing Machines, Tools and Applications, along with related resources.

Replacing old parts with a 3D scanner

Replacing old parts of a construction machine with Artec Eva 3D Scanner

Learn how a company replacing old parts of a construction machine with new ones, used an Artec Eva 3D scanner to produce accurate 3D models.