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ioSafe hard drive design

Fireproof, waterproof hard drive designed with SOLIDWORKS software

ioSafe leveraged SOLIDWORKS design, simulation, and fluid-flow analysis tools to solve the technical and business challenges associated with developing a disaster-proof data storage device.

Consumer products design

How to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing to accelerate consumer products development

Download our consumer product White Paper today to discover the secrets to a faster consumer product development process.

Air Intake Analysis

Growing Air Intake Filter Housing Consultancy with SOLIDWORKS

By adding SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation fluid flow analysis software to its SOLIDWORKS Premium design solution, Optar has reduced the time and costs of design simulation and validation, while improving the performance...

SOLIDWORKS Jobs Training

SOLIDWORKS Jobs Training

If you are currently looking for a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer/Designer Job and need to know how to use SOLIDWORKS then you should take a certified SOLIDWORKS Training Course from Canada’s authorized training provider.

Solve multi-physics problems

Integrating design validation into the product design cycle to solve multi-physics problems

This on-demand webinar demonstrates the different ways to combine results from SOLIDWORKS Simulation to solve multi-physics problems in parallel with the product design cycle to create better parts.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical analysis guide

Analysis Guide for Electronics/Electrical Product Designers

In this Analysis Guide we outline the key design performance issues facing electronics and electrical product manufacturers, and identify the benefits of using SOLIDWORKS® Simulation software for electronics and electrical product design. The paper describes...

Nanometric seismological monitors design with SOLIDWORKS

Nanometrics design seismological event monitors with the help of SOLIDWORKS

Nanometrics is the world’s largest manufacturer and systems integrator of specialty instruments, software and data communications systems for seismological monitoring. Nanometrics real-time and portable systems are in use on every continent and in more than...

Rock Breaker construction industry

Breaker Technology uses SOLIDWORKS to help manufacture Rock Breakers

Breaker Technology use SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation to help them manufacture and distribute a wide range of mine, quarry and demolition equipment for the construction industry.

DV Systems Compressor Industrial Products

SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps DV Systems reduce material costs of their industrial products

SOLIDWORKS Simulation material utilization helps Barrie ON. industrial products company DV Systems reduce their material cost by 20% and also reduced their machining time by 15%.

Enhance product performance

Solve complex simulations to enhance product performance

Download our white paper to learn how SOLIDWORKS Simulation software can empower your product teams to make better design decisions, so your company can develop products faster, make fewer mistakes, and become more profitable.