Manage and Share CNC Data More Efficiently with SOLIDWORKS PDM

A typical design process creates a lot of digital content…drawings, models, images, CNC data, PDF, DXF etc. How can you share that content securely and effectively with other departments? How do you make sure that your files latest version is used?  What CAD model did the CNC, or PDF file originate from?

Included in the webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how SOLIDWORKS PDM can ensure the CNC programmers are dealing with the correct versions of your models in real-time. In turn, decrease rework and costly errors due to machining the wrong version. Also, see how SOLIDWORKS PDM can eliminate administrative tasks like exporting other manufacturing file types, like a DXF or PDF, by creating them automatically through a workflow.

Who should watch this recording?

This webinar is recommended for:

  • Project Managers, Project Leaders, Project Controllers, and Project Members.
  • Quality Assurance Managers, General Managers, Engineering Managers, and Process Implementation Team Members.
  • IT Managers, Software Controllers, Developers, and Testers.
  • Operations Managers, Application Engineers, and Support Technicians.
  • Service Managers, Service Controllers, Service Technicians.
  • Manufacturing managers and Technicians
Featured Technology:


SOLIDWORKS® Product Data Management (PDM) products manage and synchronize your design data across your entire enterprise with a single, easily deployable solution tightly integrated with all SOLIDWORKS applications.

By leveraging a secure vault, you can extend the access to your 3D design environment and associated files, for all participants from engineering through manufacturing. This enables everyone involved in your projects to share information and collaborate on designs, while automatically protecting your intellectual property with the automated version and revision control systems.


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