Using Design Automation to Reduce Costs & Increase Profitability

By implementing DriveWorks design automation, engineer-to-order manufacturers can complete days of custom engineering in just minutes. Design automation also expedites and simplifies the creation of SOLIDWORKS® software models, drawings, quote documents, manufacturing data—virtually any requirement of the custom sales process.

Across most industries today, profit margins are narrow and will continue to become even thinner. Even in segments where margins are relatively healthy, competition and global outsourcing make cost reduction mandatory. Historically, the high cost of engineering has contributed so significantly to the attack on profit margins, that numerous attempts have been made to cut the process time or the cost of engineering activities. Most of these approaches have been point solutions, which can be highly important in their own right, but are not applicable across the board.

Design automation, on the other hand, stands out as an effective means of dramatically cutting costs for a well-defined, well-proven range of engineering activities. This is especially so where business needs demand rapid, accurate quoting; consistent engineering; and, most important, minimum time to finished product delivery.

Download our white paper to learn how design automation with DriveWorks frees up engineering time formerly given to repetitive tasks, recalculation, and specification changes.

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