SEA-LECT Designs for Manufacturability with DELMIAWorks ERP & SOLIDWORKS

SEA-LECT Plastics turns customer ideas into reality. Using the integration of DELMIAWorks ERP and SOLIDWORKS 3D Design, SEA-LECT creates a single project portfolio that provides complete project history, costs, material and labor requirements, product documentation and lot traceability.

Watch the case study video to learn how SEA-LECT Plastics uses the integration of DELMIAWORKS ERP and SOLIDWORKS 3D Design to turn their customers concepts into reality.

The complete closed loop design to manufacturing solution allows SEA-LECT to:

  • Create a single project portfolio that includes complete project history, costs, material and labor requirements and product documentation
  • Quickly deliver precise quotes based on current design and actual costs
  • Easily transition a project from design to tooling to production
  • Meet strict data security protocols required by their military customers
  • Provide complete lot control on what material has been used for each project
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A reliable ERP system for planning, scheduling, executing, and measuring results.

DELMIAWorks provides Forecasting, MRP, Production Scheduling, Quality and RealTime™ Production Monitoring modules.

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