Stratasys FDM for composite tooling design guide 2.0

The Stratasys Composite Solutions team is continually evaluating new techniques, characterizing performance and validating best practices to add value and expand the applications for FDM composite tooling.

The guide provides information for both new and experienced users. The design guide includes additional material data, empirical test results, tips, tricks, procedures, and new customer case studies. Specifically, new empirical data for sparse-style construction, recommendations on scribe lines, localized reinforcement (for such things as inserts) and additional mechanical characterization data has been added to this design guide.

FDM for composite tooling guide contents

  • Section 1 – Introduction and background
  • Section 2 – FDM materials
  • Section 3 – Tool design and construction
  • Section 4 – Post-processing and part fabrication
  • Section 5 – Tool life and characterization data
  • Section 6 – Use cases and examples
  • Section 7 – Introduction to FDM sacrificial tooling
  • Section 8 – FDM Insight software for file processing

This technical design guide describes the design, processing, manufacture, and post-processing techniques and procedures for additively manufactured composite lay-up tooling using Stratasys FDM® technology.

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