Design Product Experiences to Match Customer Preferences

Consumer brands that enable their customers to customize experiences enjoy 45% greater client retention rate.

Consumers today do not want a boilerplate product solution. To be successful, consumer brands need tools—both internally and externally—that enable their clients to create customized experiences on-demand.

This Aberdeen report on hyper-personalization shows how top consumer brands are making customers happier and more loyal by tailoring all aspects of consumer interaction. Discover the value of:

  • Enabling consumers to control their own shopping experiences
  • Focusing on delivering a superior and consistent user experience
  • Optimizing your company’s processes and technology tools to facilitate and deliver hyper-personalization to customers

Happy and loyal shoppers generally spend more with businesses. They are also more likely to spend regularly with brands that meet and exceed their needs.

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT to learn the impact that product customization and personalization can have on the future of your business.

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