Desktop 3D Printer Value is more than skin deep

The spread of 3D printing to the consumer and hobby market has commoditized the entry-level desktop printer category while providing an ever-expanding array of choices. Many of them look similar, but they don’t all provide the same results!

3D printers are not all created equal — even within the same category, like affordable desktop printers. How they’re conceived, designed and built is what separates the best from the worst — not price. Cost is understandably an important factor, but what you should really focus on is the value behind what you’re paying for.

3D printing quality issues

3D printing quality issues

Professional vs Consumer 3D Printers

In this white paper we will show you the difference between a professional desktop 3D printer and a consumer machine:

  • The difference in build results of 3D printed parts
  • Accuracy of professional 3D printers vs consumer printers
  • Reliability of professional 3D printers
  • Durability of the machines
  • Safety considerations when printing

Download the paper now to learn more about the benefits of a professional desktop 3D printer.

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