Introduction to the new Desktop Metal Fiber Printer

With the ability to print parts that are as strong as steel, yet as light as aluminum, Desktop Metal’s Fiber ™ printer is bringing high-end carbon fiber manufacturing to the desktop.

Exceptional strength using mirco automated fiber placement

In this on-demand webinar, Konstantine Fetfatsidis, Vice President of Composite Products for Desktop Metal, talks about Fiber™, the world’s first desktop 3D printer that uses micro automated fiber placement, to fabricate parts from industrial-grade composites reinforced with continuous carbon fiber tape.

Featured Technology:

Desktop Metal Fiber Printer

Fiber™ is the only composite 3D printer to use Micro Automated Fiber Placement (μAFP)—unlocking exceptional part strength for a desktop printer.

Fiber™offers strong parts at an affordable cost. Designed for versitility, the printer supports a wide range of fiber-reinforced composites to enable a broad set of applications from consumer electronics to automotive. In a matter of minutes, users can begin printing industrial-grade composites from the comfort of their desktop.

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