Desktop Metal Production System

The first metal 3D printing system for mass production

100x faster

Breakthrough Single Pass Jetting (SPJ) process delivers speeds up to 8200 cm3/hr–100x faster than laser-based systems. With zero-tooling needed, it's the fastest way to manufacture complex metal parts.

20x lower cost

Low-cost MIM powder, high throughput, and simple post-processing deliver per-part costs that are competitive with traditional manufacturing processes—and up to 20x lower than today’s metal 3D printing systems.

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Powered by Single Pass Jetting

The Production system is based on a new approach to metal 3D printing—Single Pass Jetting (SPJ).

Created by the inventors of the binder jetting and the single pass inkjet processes, Single Pass Jetting builds metal parts in a matter of minutes instead of hours.


up to 8200 cm3/hr


<50um voxels


H 330mm   W 330mm   D 330mm

Production System Benefits

Easy to use and designed for the way you work

3D Metal Part


Single Pass Jetting is bi-directional. Combining all the necessary steps for printing so that whenever there is movement, there is printing. Two full-width print bars containing over 32,000 jets work in conjunction with powder spreaders to spread powder and print in a single quick pass across the build area, jetting millions of droplets per second.

Production Nesting


Unlike laser-based processes which weld parts to a build plate, parts created by the Production system are surrounded by loose powder, enabling the full use of the build envelope and higher productivity per build. Sophisticated software will arrange parts to maximize the build area in all axes.

3D Printed Metal Part

Competitive cost-per-part

The production system is ideal for the production of complex, high-performance metal parts at high volumes.

Since no tooling is needed, it can outperform traditional manufacturing processes like casting while adding major benefits of additive manufacturing like just-in-time production and mass customization.


The Production system can bring innovation from extremely low-run applications like aerospace and specialty automotive to the mainstream. Even parts like the machine cog shown here can be produced for a lower cost per part than the traditional process.

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